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I did post this in the "web design" section but got no help. I thought I would try it here because i'm a bit stumped and always get good help here.

I have a wordpress site. Uses Total Theme. Which is a "responsive design" aka meant to work on mobile devices.

All the in-built boxes like icon boxes, text boxes, buttons etc that come with the theme all are resized for an iphone screen and easy to read.. very enlarged.

But I want to have lots of visually appealing graphics on my site to get my sales pitch across. So I just upload things like infographics or sales copy as an "image". It looks great on a desktop and they take up an entire fold on my page..

But as soon as I load it on a mobile phone the graphics are too small. And because its "mobile responsive" there is no "pinch and zoom" function enabled.

To be honest I prefer sites that appear on my phone just the same as on a desktop and I can drag the screen about and zoom in where I want.

Is there any way to turn off all that responsive design nonsense? My webdesigner just adjusted the height ratio for the image to fit a mobile screen but now the image looks stretched. There has to be a way to get this issue sorted? Mobile traffic is such a huge percentage (especially if you advertise on FB.

If anyone PM's me i'm happy to show you the URL if I haven't explained myself very well.

Thanks so much
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    I think that could be due to being a high DPI device, so if that is the case, you coul add a srcset attribute to the img tag. So the browser will pick the appropriate one.

    In the srcset, you should put a bigger version of the image.

    More on this: https://developers.google.com/web/fu...ages-in-markup
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    Thanks so much for the input, i will try working with those solutions and let you know how it goes
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