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this is a wordpress theme Ive attempted to use. first time ever so Im still learning.


the logo graphic (top left) for some reason does not always show up in mobile, the way the demo content logo does.

are there any specifics I need to know about the png format, or sizing, etc, that may be preventing it, or is it something to do with how mobile browsers cache and render sites?

also, my main question is, is there a way to possibly make the "read more" button just scroll the page down, to another section thats like an about me, without changing pages.

and finally, if I go to the top menu, and under home, hit "agency", the page that loads repeats the footer twice. any ideas why?

Im definitely an amateur to this, would love any help on the subject matter.
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    You have two logos in your html code. The one being centered will show on screens no larger than 1080px and the one on left will be hidden on screens no larger than 1080px. This is known as media queries and the changing of the screen size dictates which media query is used. What do you mean by 'demo content logo'.

    My recommendation is you use a tool like firebug for firefox or google chrome developer tool (built into chrome) and see what is happening to the code at the client level. You may like to brush up on some css +media query alongside JavaScript for your other questions.

    Feel free to message me if you need any help.
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