Wordpress site doesn't fill the page: how can I fix this?

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For a new blog I’m using Wordpress with the theme twenty fourteen. My site doesn’t fill out:

I googled the problem & tried the solution here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/...e-whole-screen
Now my site technically filled the page, but the content was crammed in the middle. So not an actual solution. See this pic:

It also made the smileys HUGE (filling the whole width of the post). So I undid this change again…
Other guides I found went over my head :/

It does resize when I make the browser window smaller, so I guess the maximum width is the problem, but… Well, as you can tell: I have no experience with CSS and don’t know how to fix it.
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    You should post the URL of the site along with the topic so we can see the site and rectify the problem.
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    Still needing help. Trying to fix it, the content now is crammed to the right & the comment section below the posts ended up in the sidebar somehow.

    Currently drawing: http://irishopp.com/

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    Why don't you grab a different theme that's designed to be full width? Do you really like the Twenty Fourteen theme that much? Psychologically speaking black is not the best color to illicit positive emotions in people. Also it's a bit ironic to call your site Colour Cow and have it be black in white. (Maybe irony is what you're going for).
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      If you could give me access to the site, I can help you fix it.

      Find me here

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    Okay, I picked a different theme. This theme looks better, but the left sidebar is pushed to the center. Trying out a dozen themes is a solution for now but will have me learn nothing.

    But maybe this is too advanced for me and I should start with a book like "Webdesign for Dummies".

    Currently drawing: http://irishopp.com/

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