Building a New Website without Taking Live Website Down

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I am in need of some help. I have asked around, asked several hosting companies, and no one seems to have a good answer and everyone's answer is different.

What is the best way to build a website for a client (mainly using WordPress or other similar CMS) without taking down the current website.

I have gotten answers that vary:
1) Build on local machine and then migrate
2) Build on subdomain then edit .htaccess file to edit the root of site
3) Build on dummy domain and migrate website

I feel like how often this issue comes up there has to be a good way to get around this issue by now without having the headache I have.

Any constructive advice is welcomed and appreciated.
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    If you're looking to do build on a local machine and migrate a WordPress site, I used Desktop Server with success. It made things very simple.
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    I think issue is that there's not really a 'best' way.

    Lots of ways are very easy dependent on skill level and they can all work the same.

    If it's a simple site, an easy way might be to just develop it on a dummy domain and use a WP cloning plugin to move and copy it over to the main site.
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    Or you could build it in a sub folder and do as Dave said, clone it.

    I'd build it online, but that's me. Local stuff is not always the same.
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    You've gotten various answers because there are various answers, and it depends on which one you think best or understand best. The easiest is still probably to have a dummy website or, as has already been mentioned, work on a subdomain first. This way your live website is not affected and once your new website is done, you can migrate everything. Do make sure to backup both your original and your new website before making any changes.

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    What do you mean by without taking the current website down, does your clients website already have content other than wordpress , if so create a folder and install wordpress in it or the CMS you want Or create a subdomain which is equal to creating a folder abc and installing the wordpress in it
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    The answer to your question depends on what you mean by "without taking the old one down" such as Prashant999 pointed out. But you should always develop locally when dealing with a live environment. Mistakes will be made and when you develop on the server often there's no going back.

    When I develop locally I always save the project in a GIT repo so that I can roll back to any point in the project at any time.
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