How to make an existing site Responsive?

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I need a quick answer of my question. To make a site responsive, do you only need to work on CSS file?
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    No and No to quick and css
    if WP site you can use a plugin such as WPtouch but depending on your site, it may not work with all elements.
    The elements them selves will need to be responsive.
    Html, yes css plays a big part as well as other items.
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    Take a look at Bootstrap created by Twitter if you're looking to use HTML, CSS, JS. But if you have a wordpress site then it's pretty easy to find a responsive theme.
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      You can make a site responsive adding only some CSS3 media queries if the HTML structure is good enough.
      Mostly, you just have to override some styles and make them look different depending on the browser size. You can achieve this only editing the CSS if the HTML code allows it.

      However, it will probably require many lines of code to make everything look good and will increase the size of the stylesheet (adding some extra CSS), making harder for mobile devices to load the whole style.
      If you you can edit the HTML here and there for your current site, should be just enough.

      A project whose HTML design is designed from the beginning to be responsive is more indicated.

      The answer is, yes, you can in some cases, but it's not indicated to make it responsive only from CSS because you will end up with more unnecessary code.
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    You're probably going to end up spending more time to make the current design responsive than starting over with an already responsive theme/template. There are a lot of nuances in making a responsive design.
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    Originally Posted by backlinkxone View Post


    I need a quick answer of my question. To make a site responsive, do you only need to work on CSS file?
    In responsiveness, we set media queries (in css) to layout elements so that layout elements get optimized as per different devices sizes.
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    if you're using WP, can take the easy way and install a plugin..
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    Hate to break it to a lot of you, but WP plugins aren't the cure for everything and many times not even the best way.

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    Hi there. The answer to your question is yes. You only need to work on the CSS file.

    I always create sites with WordPress + Genesis and usually a custom design which is always responsive. That way you don't need to install any plugins to 'make' your site responsive because it already is responsive.

    Also, responsive design should be handled by the theme, not by a plugin. In this day and age, there's no excuse for using a wordpress theme that's not supportive of responsive design.
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    A WordPress plugin to make a site responsive? There's no way that could work 100% without errors.

    Responsive sites use media queries and target specific elements, which vary from site to site. Each site will need to target its own specific elements.
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