Which Opt-In Works Best: Instant Attention or Standard Page?

by rtype6
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Hello, on my new site I'm not sure which I should put for opt-ins.

There's the regular way - Place an opt-in screen on the homepage and when registered, the visitor will be taken straight to the sales page.

Instant Attention - Have a sliding opt-in form appear on the sales page which pop-up blockers can't block.

Has anyone tried them both and know which gets more newsletter subscriptions?

I created a homepage with an opt-in form but the page looks too sloppy (page banner is really wide) and am thinking of leaving the sales page as the home page.

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    I think you should try both, as your targeted audience may differ from others.

    By the way, most do not like the sliding in opt-in, as they find it irritating. I may be wrong, it really depends on your audience.

    Test both, each for a month, and monitor the results, which ever gives you the best results, use that.
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