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I was reading an article that said most people spend no time at all looking at the written content of a page. BUT it said that people will scroll through a page with images just to see them even if they don't read anything else.

So it got me thinking that making some images to scatter through a page with the main points contained in them would help to get the message across for those with small attention spans. With that in mind I am doing a test and asking for people to take a look at two pages on my site.

If you could please let me know which pages grab your attention and make you want to stay longer please tell me. The site contains Bible study topics by the way and is intended for Christian and non-Christian viewers (though I am working on the main audience of Christians right now).

Here is the page with some images:

Bible Study On First - Second Death

Here is a page with video but no image:

How Can Jesus Save Me - The Lamb Of God

Please let me know if the images is an improvement or not in keeping your attention. Thanks.
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    Using complementary images (Completes/Exposes the content message) is always cooler than boring long texts.

    The images version of your content is more captivating of course.

    For me, I often check images firstly in any content. (Image gives an idea of what the content is talking about)
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      If your visitor is interested in your page content, he will read the text, if not, he will probably take a fugitive look at the images and he will go away.

      Anyway, it's better to use both text and images. This will make your posts more interesting and should increase the time people spend to read your posts. A post with text only will be boring, while a post with only images will not help you too much to keep your visitors longer on that specific post.

      It's also a good practice from SEO view to combine text with images.
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    It's always a good practise to use images in the blog post because it draws more attention to your post. I always consider to include at least one image in my blog post and that image will always be relevant to what the post is all about.
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    The post with more cool images always wins!

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    • Images reduce bounce rates. Unique images will generate traffic from Google Images as well.
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    We can offer opinions, but we might not be your target audience, so we might not be able to say which of your pages are better for us. Just saying.

    But, there is not doubt this is a more visual world, look at the proof of Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook, ect. Not to mention, you could get more traffic when people say, "Pin" your images.

    Your images need to be high quality and they need to "add" to the content. From what I've seen, you don't have to many images, more graphics with text on them. Not saying that is all bad, just not as visual as a good picture. IMO.

    Also, as Zenoth said, your content is also going to make the difference. If you can draw in the reader and keep them reading.

    One thing I could add, you could work on formating your text. using different colors, bold, italic, highlight, different, different fonts, ect, when it make sense. What often makes text really boring is when it's all exactly the same.

    Just my opinions
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    I think it depends on the person. I am an avid reader of online content but there are some days that I skim through it. I am sure there are plenty of people who read content thoroughly and never skim, while others skim and never read as well.

    Trying to cater to both audiences is always good. If I had to choose one or the other I would choose the image route because it's easier but this usually results in a short term type thing.

    Making a nice content rich site that draws an audience for long term growth is always best. It will solidify your web presence for years to come and could even set you up for retirement. Unfortunately the time spent could result in a complete failure and lots of time wasted. Not to be discouraging but this has happened to me and thousands of other online business owners.
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    I believe that its the best to have a balance with texts and images. make sure that your images compliment the post itself. Images makes it more appealing than a huge wall of text.
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    Content with images are always good to the readers. But the images would be of high quality and catchy so that readers can share these images on social media sites. Often we skim after reading a paragraph, not most of the time, but we do. To avoid this and make users intact, placing images in between is a better option.
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