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Without giving away my client's ideas for his Golf League I am seeeking out some recommendations for accomplishing a couple of things.

The design part is simple. It is in the details where I am looking for a little direction. This site will be developed on Wordpress.

I have done a few searches for plugins but didn't really see anything that could do what i need.

I need to allow players (members) to sign up for the golf league when they pay to join. Thinking membership site or buddypress. ???

Once the player registers to play in the league they need to schedule one round of golf at 3 pre-determined golf courses.

I would like to somehow handle this automatically within a scheduling dashboard at registration. However, the owners would manually schedule the rounds of golf based on input from registration and availability times in a custom form field to start out since the league will be limited to a certain number of players.

Then once the players are finished with their rounds of golf they need to enter their score into the website.

I need to figure out how to add this functionality (didn't see a plugin) then after the score has been added on the front of the site will be a live leaderboard on among the league's players.

Any plugin suggestions. Maybe another plugin that does something similar that can be modified for my purpose.

Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions and recommendations
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