Now my website is for sale without my consent ??

by awledd
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I checked my domain in and it says AVAILABLE! I clicked on the buy now and look what I found:

2015-03-14_0742 - Dess71's library

Can anyone tell me what would probably do if someone buys?
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    If someone where to try and buy your website, then they would probably have a domain broker try and contact you to sell it.

    Chances are they are just using your website, along with ton's of others that they can't really sell to gather information from people. They can then try and sell those people "related" domains.

    It's all about building their funnel of prospects.
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    I had a similar problem with goDaddy. One of my domains was listed for auction before I buy it.
    I contacted their support team and they removed my domain from auction.
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    Make sure your renewal payment is up to date and that you did not let anything lapse. Contact your domain host ( and discuss the situation directly.
    It might be that the renewal date is coming up, if it passed, you should have a 30 day grace period to get the name secured. This name is considered a good one, so it may be that possible buyers are being lined up in case the renewal lapses and the domain is eligible for auction. Or, maybe the company tries to bring in revenue by seeing what others will pay for given sites and then they approach the owners in hopes of brokering a sale and getting paid a commission.
    In any case, I would contact them asap..
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    You gave me some infos. thanks. But the domain is not to expire any time soon.
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