I need suggestions for my parralax site

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Hey guys!, This would be my first post and today I would like to have suggestions or opinions to improve my responsive parralax site.

Checkout my site: PMGI - Home
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    Hello Francis,

    Its looking good. I do have a few suggestions though

    = its looking blank a bit, may be you want to make it more content rich
    = address text above map is not visible a bit, you may want to tweak it a bit.
    = top button in right bottom is not completely round, curves have some problems.

    Thats all i can say as of now.

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    Hi Francis

    I think you're on the right track, but I have a couple of suggestions if you don't mind...

    • I think you should use a higher impact image as the main image. The one you're using at the moment is a bit murky and dark. Also, much of it is obscured by the grey type box. Maybe a transparent box with text would work better?

    • Secondly, the typography is a bit inconsistent throughout. Headers stay the same, but things like Line Height, font size and text alignment vary way too much.

    Hope this helps.
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    looking great. always like websites with parallax. to make use more of it, i think putting an image as a background will make parallax more noticeable.

    i like how you use white space. it makes the design looks clean and simple, yet professional. but i think more information is needed. the page is a bit too plain to have a high impact on visitors.
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    Thanks for the suggestions or feedback =), I would be working on your suggestions or feedback to improve my parralax website =)
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    The page looks pretty great, overall. I do think you need to add some more content though, but other than that you did a good job.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, However, I would like to ask for suggestions again to my parallax site since I updated or improved it.

    Link:PMGI - Home
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    i forgot how it looked when i first came here to see your site, but no matter how was it, i think it was great, and it still looks great.

    however, this is regarding someone's taste (particularly mine), i see web design as an extension of graphic design on the web. a creation of graphics collected and merged into one piece, making a web page a canvas for creativity. so i like if all of the aspects merge, blend, and come to one piece in great collaboration.

    when that thought came to my mind, the first thing that i see misplaced is your logo. parallax is great like i said before, it's kinda new. but your logo looks kinda old. my suggestion is, if you haven't incorporate the business, it'll be easier for you to change the logo into a more "modern" one. another thing, your favicon should be representing your logo.
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    Your site looks good.
    Nice parallax effect and user experience.
    But, why the photo in "core values" is so ugly ????
    It seems like has been edited from several pictures and mixed together from low res pics.
    Better put a better photo there.
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    Okay, By the way, Thanks for the suggestions =)
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    thank you for this thread .
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