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Hey everyone, I'm trying to make my dream happen by becoming an affiliate marketer. I would love to get some feed back on my new blog.

The purpose of my blog is to educate, recommend, and motivate people to becoming healthier, the healthy way.

Obviously the theme is garbage, i'm not focused on that right now. Just trying to get the ball rolling!
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    Anyone wanna give me some input?
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      Presumably you're talking about the link in your signature?

      A few comments:

      - Including a video is quite a nice touch. Though it progresses quite slowly and doesn't really say very much. A simple video of you saying hello and very briefly outlining what your site does, and how it's unique, might actually work better and add a personal touch.

      - You always write "weightloss" as one word, rather than "weight loss". Sounds like a minor point, but proper spelling and grammar enhance credibility.

      - Your email newsletter sign-up box and pop-up leads with "stay updated" (if you stick with that then I'd say "up-to-date") and you only mention the free guide at the end. Lead with the freebie message and include a picture of the cover of the guide.

      - You describe some products as "expensive". That's not ideal when you're trying to sell them. Being honest is great, but "higher price than some other supplements", or similar, might soften the blow a bit.

      - Your welcome copy is quite lengthy and in a small font. You could probably tighten it up a bit. For example:

      "The motto here at Wonderful Weightloss is – “You Win When You Lose”

      What a great motto, you’ve probably never heard of anything as mind twisting as that? Normally you win.. well, when you win..."

      ... Praising your own motto and telling me how blown away I must be by it, probably isn't the best use of your space or my time!

      - Finally, breaking into the weight loss niche is going to be very, very tough. It's one of the most difficult areas you could choose. To succeed you'll need to be truly unique and really stand out. I don't think your site does that at the moment. You may also want to consider focusing down to a much more specific niche within weight loss.
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    You have to rely on content and backlinks as it will help the audience to buy things from your site. I also prefer theme, but we need to move as the world changes on the platforms.

    Really takes time to decide a theme and Ive changed my blog theme more than 10 times.
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    Hi there, I went to your blog and noticed I couldn't comment, but rather had to sign up. My two cents is have a comment section there for some back links. It does take a while for a new blog to get noticed.
    I did like the video you put here, but wanted more engagement. Just from a blogger point of view. Perhaps this is a niche blog because it feels more like a sales page to me.
    If you want some action there, value has to be constantly given to your audience.
    Just my two cents!
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    Health products are tough to rank inSERP as most of them involved in these and failed to rank. If you want your dream come true then write some valuable content, and drive organic traffic.
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    Thank you for the feedback! I guess I gotta get used to writing some "valuable" content.
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    just choose a quality theme and build rich content that will bring back your visitors for more .... do not worry about seo too much at the starting just focus on content and design first ...
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    Choose a responsive, faster and smart theme which has easy navigation. Then look for content. Content can bring you on top. So make it descriptive and informative. Do backlink regularly.
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    When opening your website, all I see is one article, if this is a blog I should be able to navigate through the articles, click on the one I want to read and be able to comment. In time, you will write more articles and people might want to ask you a question about the products you promote, obliging them to sign up will probably not work. At least not until you become popular enough.
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    updated it a little more, working on a site logo now.
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    a new website with less to no content asking for people's name and email in a pop up? i don't think that will work.

    i suggest you put that pop up away and concentrate in creating contents. that will increase your visitors. concentrate to keep that visitors from bouncing off (see your analytics for bounce rate). when you see that your visitors are happy, THEN you can ask for people's name and email.

    people's name and email are confidential because it concerns privacy. you won't get any subscribers, or if you do you won't get much, until people trust you.

    another thing to put your site more professionally, i see you mentioned "**We respect your privacy and information**" at the bottom. that's great except for one thing, your site don't have a policy. create one, and say that you won't use people's name and email for anything other than subscription, for example.
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