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Hello Everybody !

What are some of the best web designing trends in 2015 that we should know about them for a better user experience ?

I am looking for latest trends in 2015 about web design.

thanks in advance
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    Originally Posted by sarataylor2013 View Post

    Hello Everybody !

    What are some of the best web designing trends in 2015 that we should know about them for a better user experience ?

    I am looking for latest trends in 2015 about web design.

    thanks in advance
    As I am seeing it... bigger header images... HTML5 <canvas> element is creeping in ever so quietly... flat design is ( if you thought it were possible ) getting flatter... with faster internet there is the push for bigger and better sites... so the re-emergence of graphic pre-loaders is creeping in little by little.

    The internet as we currently know it is an interwoven beautiful hot mess... we are coming into the day and age that the internet will just be... so integrated in our lives that what was once beautiful and hot.. will fall away into the blur of everyday life.
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    Originally Posted by sarataylor2013 View Post

    What are some of the best web designing trends in 2015 that we should know about them for a better user experience ?
    Making sites mobile-friendly.

    On second thought, it's less of a trend and more of a gun to the head.
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    It's finally starting to go into a direction of actually better user experience.
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    One page Parallax Websites are on the rise--big time.

    They are normally graphics heavy, but with modern broadband, load time is pretty fast, and you don't have to navigate to and/or load other pages.

    Like this one for example, this is a plugin for WordPress I saw recently

    One Page Parallax WP Plugin


    But, it is a matter of taste, clean sites with good content never go out of date

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    Responsiveness and one page designs.
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    The latest trends in web design are Flat designs, distinctive typography, Grid Layouts, use of full background image Best Theme Generating Software Tested by Software Tester: 5 Most Significant Web Trends in 2015 , you can read top significant web trends in 2015.
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    Here are some of the trends which will help you understand what matters most in the web design nowadays.

    •Massive background images that fit the overall screen size in the desktop computer or your mobile phone.

    •Bigger typography in which the headlines or content is written in a bolder and brighter manner.

    •Buttons on the home page of the website is as attractive and demanding as ever before. Just a button with the tag 'More' or 'Explore' can have a significant impact on attracting the visitor's attention.

    •Scrolling has now become an integral part of each and every visitor that lands on a website. They just scroll from the top to bottom or from left to right as per the web design implementation. The fact remains visitors like scrolling for the information especially in the home page.

    I think these are some of the most preferred trends nowadays by clients when it comes to their web design requirements. Most of the brands have started redesigning their websites to meet the latest trend requirements of the year 2015.

    Reference -
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    Here are the latest trends in Web Design

    Huge background images
    Front-end developer Benjamin Hollway expects more massive background images in 2015, "used alongside rich typography and subtle parallax effects", largely due to the lead taken by massive brands such as Apple and Google Nexus.

    Card-based design
    Creative director Haraldur Thorleifsson says card-based design will be big: "Content needs to fit on different types and sizes of screen, and cards are the easiest way to make that work across platforms." He adds this presents a design challenge, since cards can be dull, "but we're seeing fun, clever takes on this from companies like Google".

    Digital-first branding

    Clearleft founder Andy Budd ( says "as more companies realise their customers' primary experience with them is online, we'll see more digital-first-approaches to branding".

    Open data
    Sally Jenkinson says open data's been on the rise, but many digital spaces remain "more closed than ever" and so "leaders such as The Open Data Institute are working to promote more openness". She reckons this will gain public awareness in 2015, and projects will respond accordingly, in terms of publishing and consumption.

    Responsive design – evolved
    Designer Victor Erixon ( expects the industry to "continue maintaining simple and minimal aesthetics," with the web "becoming fully customised for different viewports".
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    It seems like everyone takes Apple's lead in these matters. Whatever Apple does, the rest follow. Hail King Apple. Hail King Google. The new Monarchy has arrived.
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    Multi-Purpose is the current design trends, I'm tired of this job.
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    now develop a all web site with responsively , responsive design is a new trend, also don't need a many pages .
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  • Flat design and responsive web design are the latest trends that will also prevail in upcoming years. If you are thinking of restarting your career then you must focus on responsive website design. Nowadays most of the users browse websites through their cell phones so responsive designing is becoming a must have for every business.
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    Flat design is pretty popular right now too.

    I've done conversion work for many big companies such as Expedia, The Boston Globe, Kobo Books, Firestone and more...

    Kyle Chapman - CEO - Conversion Marketing Services a Conversion Rate Optimization Firm

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  • Big heading fonts, responsive, big blocks with just a few words in big fonts
    Premium WooCommerce & WordPress Plugins $10/ea. or FREE With Membership.
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    OP, You talk about improving the end user experience and most people respond with "responsive" - one question to ask yourself... who exactly is responsive better for and can it be improved upon?

    Responsive is great for developers, and google, but does it really offer the best end user experience - more specifically for the mobile visitors to your site?

    For me when accessing the web on a mobile device I find that there are not particularly that many sites that are designed responsive that actually offer a really good mobile end user experience.

    Yes, the site maybe easy to manage for the developer when it comes to content, same urls etc but for the actual end user the overly long pages a responsive design produces when viewed on a mobile device doesn't necessarily offer the best user experience in my opinion.

    If you want to be considerate and really offer a better end user experience you should consider researching and implementing an adaptive/ress layer to improve/compliment your responsive layout which in turn will actually offer the ultimate end user experience for ALL your visitors.

    This type of approach will give you far great control over your site and how your visitors interact and access it. And it also offers a much more streamlined and efficient design approach once you understand the basic principles of it.

    Hope that helps,

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      Parallax design is most certainly a well-respected trend. Designers have fallen in love with parallax websites for the creativity and the beautiful presentation. Developers also love to release free parallax plugins which feed into a cycle of growth.

      For More Info Please Visit Our Site:- Mind Digital

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    Good information.....but what do you think about this trend when it is applied to local small biz where the site may be overkill or misleading?

    Examples I have seen recently are a local greek diner that redid it's site and it looked as if it was a fancy med restaurant LOL....the diner just closed down this summer (slow season) ...can't blame the website but since this is a tourist area I have a hunch hotel customers were oversold and underwhelmed

    another local chinese mom and pop restaurant, maybe 5 tables...has a new "asian" style website
    that is sort of misleading - their food is standard "NY" style american chinese, lots of take out,lot of retired NY'ers in the area....yet their website shows Thai and even sushi LOL...and a lovely dining area and a couple dining in a "fine dining" area they do not have

    were they sold a bunch of stock photos? I know many small biz don't have good photos...??

    While I understand the appeal and love the look of some of these sites, they are more suited to a design firm, spa, interior decorator etc....I saw a parallax site recently for a pest control company...the huge header of some of the "crew" was not appealing LOL....

    the artsy scrolling didn't make a lot of sense in terms of helping a potential client with bugs or to action was hard to find

    how do you relate these trends to a plumber, an oil change shop etc?
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    Some rubbish floating around in this thread - responsive design is not a trend in 2015, it's a necessity.

    I'd pay attention to material design right now.
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    The most decisive factor would be to include "responsive " format since it seems like everyone is adapting to that format. The number of cell phones is increasing with better graphics and storage availability. Apps are being created in mass quantities and those of us who adapt sooner than later will reap the windfall.
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    5 Most Significant Web Trends in 2015

    Flat Web Designs
    The clean designs would be loved in this year. We saw the exaggerated websites in previous years, now they are not in trend. The flat design will rise through this year. People being liking the minimal designs for two reasons, they keep off distracting elements from design and just pop up the useful things. Minimal design approach suits for every kind of website except the content oriented websites because the content can’t be replaced with anything.

    Distinctive Typography
    The experiments with the typography, we will see through the year. The Web Typography Trend in 2015 is not going to be limited to the standard fonts, Google fonts and custom fonts will be used most. The typography is one of the most significant aspects of designing. The small and squeezed typography will be replaced by bigger and spaced one. The larger text sizes better convey perspective. The designers have already begun the experiments with the typography. It’s a great feature of TemplateToaster that it supports all types of typography, be it custom or Google fonts.

    Use Of Full Background Image
    Images are one of the most important factors, engaging the viewers. An appropriate image could lead to successful conversion. Full screen image is the way to use it perfectly. It’s the trick to grab the viewer’s attention. A clear resolution image with the strongly visible content is sure to make the viewer’s mind to spend its minutes reading what the website is all about. This idea is perfect for the photography websites and photo-blogs.

    Grid Layout Like Pinterest
    As compared to the conventional scroll down style, the grid based layout would be loved more. This style has its own benefits too. One is that the viewer would be able to see all what the website has to show. The most loved posts/articles can be kept in one tray before the viewer, and they all get noticed. The landscape view contains rather more posts that portrait view. Actually, this style looks more interactive. This style is the best for content oriented websites like travel related websites, fashion related websites, and more niches can be added depending upon the suitability.

    The Use of WebGraphics
    A new trend has emerged of web graphics. WebGraphic sounds like Infographic, and is really inspired from the latter term. Human mind retain the things understood through the webgraphics for long, and moreover, they grab the attention immediately. One webgrahic can replace the thousand words needed to explain one thing. In 2015, I ( many designers) expect the people would like to embody interactive webgraphics as part of a personalized web design.
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    Explaindio Video FX Transforms Any Mediocre Looking Video Into An Eye Catching Blockbuster That Skyrockets Conversion From Viewers To Subscribers And Buyers.
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    Hi Sarataylor, you asked about the latest webdesign trends in 2015. I can provide you the latest webdesign trends in 2016. It's about Responsive design or Adaptive design. You can check out the trends on the following blog. Design trends to look for in the year 2016

    Acodez IT Solutions is an award wining web design company in India. Please do take a look at some of our recent/ongoing works at Web Design Company in India which will give you an idea on the quality which we adhere to.

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  • I would say responsive design will still take the #1 spot. Longer scroll and card layouts will continue to be popular. I personally created my first site using Parallax scroll last month and thought it was pretty cool. Not sure if Parallax scroll is a trend or a fad though.
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    Site that is scroll while showing fresh panes of information is the present design trend. It looks extremely modern and clearly presents all the detail in one place.
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    If you are looking for latest trends in Web design then you should check It has the best web design trends which can be useful for you.
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      1) Can someone please tell me what "flat design" means?

      2) Does everything on one page mean that Google know longer wants your content spread around on multiple pages?

      3) That One Page Paralax plugin looks pretty cool: One Page Parallax WP Plugin Is anyone using it?

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    Thank you guys for you participation and valuable replies.
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