Review my server list website please!

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Hello, my Minecraft server list website has been up for about 5 months and I just want to get some opinions on it. The url is Minecraft Archive » Minecraft Server List

Thanks, and if you guys can give some advice on advertising my website please tell me.

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    Site looks good.. advertise it on Gaming blogs (Comment relevant stuff), gaming forums, and gaming chat.. and the best one for gaming is youtube.

    It's very easy to get gaming traffic, just start taking action.
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      Thanks for the reply!
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        If you guys look at this post please leave a comment. It really helps me out
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          No one wants to help me out and give their opinion on my website?
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    You might get more help, if you thank people when they do provide feedback. Show your appreciation. The thanks button Just saying.

    I think it looks good, clean, crisp. The logo seems like it's taking more space than it should. Although most people will probably get it, it wouldn't hurt to have some text up top explaining the site and why your visitors should stay and check it out. Plus some text could help out SEO wise.

    But overall looks nice.

    As far as getting traffic, go where your perfect traffic hangs out and figure out how to get in front of them without spamming. What about a mind craft guide? I see NO social share button anywhere. You could h ave a blog off/on the site, go way to get traffic. When you have a blog you could comment on other blogs and get visitors back to your site.

    Just some ideas. Hope it helps.
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      Thank you. I didn't see the thanks button earlier. I said thanks for the reply instead. I will take your opinion into mind when trying to get more traffic and better SEO.
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        Anyone else have any opinions?
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    After 10 seconds, the site still is not loading.
    If I had to guess, I'd say that you're probably using a not-good host, and the server is down.
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      Thanks for the reply. That is fixed now and the load time should not be long at all anymore.
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    Anymore reviews?
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