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by Jurrie
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Hey everyone,

recently i have been using some free .tk domains for some non-profit websites.
i was wondering if those are actually useable for the creation of affiliate websites
in other words , is it possible to toprank a .tk domain in google ?

thx for any replies or experiences

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    I would stay away from .tk domains and the vast majority of free domain extensions. It is a country code so I imagine it would rank much better locally within the country (Tokelau) than elsewhere. It is possible to achieve a first page ranking with a .tk domain along with other free extensions, generally however they don't rank as well as they are often used for spamming purposes with low quality content.

    It's also not very professional and will affect your click through rates. It's much better to purchase TLD's such as a .com or .net. It is much more professional to your visitor, and will tend to give you an edge in the search engines.
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    In past .tk domains have widely used for spam purposes so stay away from them. Go for .com,net or org if you really want to rand fast.
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    thanks for the replies, i figured so much but i wanted some feedback from other warriors
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    Yes you will find some affiliate website which are allow free domain but most of them are not good site.
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    You should use another domain not tk.
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    It's not just .tk domains, it's other extensions as well, .ru comes to mind for instance. You risk being perceived as spam and also, most internet users already know not to trust websites with such extensions. So, it's bets to get a new domain and develop it.
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