Where to Start Web Design ?

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Basically I am online marketer but now I want to learn about web design. I have no knowledge about it. Is there anyone who suggest me any tutorial or ebook on web design from start to finish.

Have any guide to learn by own following any guideline ?
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    there are many ebooks in google that can help you .
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    Originally Posted by habibkhan01 View Post

    Basically I am online marketer but now I want to learn about web design. I have no knowledge about it. Is there anyone who suggest me any tutorial or ebook on web design from start to finish.

    Have any guide to learn by own following any guideline ?
    You can learn at "w3schools.com" and you can use "inspect element" at chrome to see how some elements on the website are created
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    Firstly, you have to learn basics of web designing, you will have to learn HTML, PHP, you may visit w3schools.com for learning HTML. And, if you have no or less knowledge of coding, but, want to design your your themes, then you may take the help of web design software It is easy to use and consumes less time in designing. You can easily design your themes as per your requirements without coding knowledge.
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    As a webdeveloper who is in this business for for over 5 years I can say w3schools sucks.

    When I started with webdesign I watched (and read) lots of tutorials.

    You can also consider learning coding languages on codeacademy. Its free!
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      Yes nice Idea I am already starting practice on w3schools
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    Web designing is not an easy job. All you need to do is to find some free web designing sites like Udemy.com or web designing tutorials and also join online web designing classes will be a great option for learning web designing.
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    Well good to see that you are interested in Web design. The first thing you need to know about web design is that it's a very vast topic. There are many languages and platforms for web design. And it is necesarry that you go step-by-step otherwise you will stand nowhere. So I am suggesting you to follow these simple steps. It's summer time( I think so in your location to ) so if you have holidays, you can complete learning all web designing in 2 months.

    1 - First of all start with the simplest language HTML. Learn HTMl from various sources. Most people go for W3Schools. It's good but you should never stick to that always as they provide tutorials for very basic people. I learned HTML in 2 days. You just need to know some simple stuff which you can find on Udemy free courses or YouTube videos. I would not recommend you to buy any course for HTML unless you want to learn only HTML language. If you want, then you can spend some bucks and buy courses from Udemy, TutsPlus, Lynda and Digital Tutors. The best is TutsPlus and Digital Tutors. The most important thing in HTML is just different tags. Without watching any course you can learn HTML from Stackoverflow also.

    2 - Next comes CSS. Without CSS your HTML is nothing. It's all simple. You can consider them both as brothers and sisters. CSS helps us to add styling to your HTML. So you should learn this after HTML. You can learn it simultaneously with HTML also. This is somewhat harder than HTML as it has many properties which you will need to rememeber. It is better to watch a video course for CSS.

    3 - Then comes the other languages for web design. And the most important one here is PHP. It is very important for a web designer to have the knowledge of PHP. Wordpress themes are made with the help of PHP. It's better you watch videos for PHP. As I don't have enough knowledge about PHP, I will not speak more about it or else there are chances that I give some wrong information to you .

    4 - You should also learn Javascript. It is used to add fading, scrolling and other effects in a website. For this t is better you first have a knowledge of Java.

    5 - Today it has become very popular to convert PSD (photoshop document) to Wordpress themes. And if you master this skill, you can create a good earning online. So after learning all the above things, go for converting PSD themes to Wordpress.

    And also I forgot to mention HTML5. It is similar to HTML and you can learn that too.

    In conclusion, I just want to say whether this long article helps you or not, I wish you best of luck for your Web designing journey and i hope that you become a Professional.

    Ahfaz Ahmed
    Graphic Tunnel
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    The best thing you can do if you want to learn how do design a website is to try doing it, practice by starting your own project, don't just read about it.
    W3schools is a good start. I'd also recommend Lynda.com, that's also a great source if you want to learn more.
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    There are many E-books as well as youtube I specially recommend. Lynda is a great source but for free learning w3school is the best. There are several institues around you that can teach this web development
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    1-Learn photoshop very well. (must)
    2- Optional: Learn Adobe Illustrator and Indesign
    3- Learn Adobe Muse for web design. (must)

    As you are learning above software, pick a language or 2 to learn. html and css maybe.

    Photoshop + Muse will get you going with no coding experience.
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    If you prefer reading articles then follow w3school's website. If you want video tutorial then you can see Lynda's or Tut+ video tutorial. You have to learn photoshop basic. Choose a editor and start coding. I prefer sublimetext editor.
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      Is there any responsible site where I can get ebook regarding this issue.
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    Most students get a web design degree because it offers tons of benefits.

    Learn more about web design at http://mooredesignstore.com.

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    I think W3 schools is the best ever online resource that can help you for web designing. Yeah, There are many other resource there. If you want more sufficient platform then do googling for your need. Try many resources and choose the one which is best to you. Web designing isn't much tough to learn. You can learn it within 2 months.

    All the best.

    Know about HTML 6 here - 10 best features of HTML 6 over HTML 5

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    I will also suggest W3schools... The best online tutorial for beginner.
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    All we know that W3 schools is the best. You can also try YouTube and some other tutorial. Best of luck.
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    There are many video tutorial in YouTube That can help you. I think first you need to know Html, CSS, JS just design for front End .Then you need to know functional language such as php for Back End.
    Best Of luck
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      For books check out O'Reilly publisher site.
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    My suggestion is.... with S.O.S.T.A.C. This my basic start up as a marketer. I draw my marketing plan first before going into any other stuff lol... programming is easy later, when you know what you want to achieve with your site..
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    Many of suggestions are made already. But here are the things you need to keep in mind on Web Design.

    Simply Google this.

    0. Use any editors. Suggestion: Use Dreamweaver if you're the designer type or use Brackets or any other notepad editors to work on your HTML if you're a more of a coder type other than simply HTML/CSS. Dreamweaver is not free. Brackets is from Adobe too but code oriented (free!).

    1. Learn HTML and HTML5 (80% of HTML5 is HTML)
    2. Learn CSS and CSS3 (note: these talks of version '3' at the end are simply the latest version of that language)
    3. Learn JavaScript to get some ideas since a lot of CSS3 now a days you can do animations a few tricks you can utilize for look and feel

    Finally, on learn one of the following for working on contact forms and database (programming languages that are suitable for dynamic programming other than Javascript)

    1. PHP or
    2. Ruby and Ruby on Rails or
    3. ASP.Net (not free) or
    4. Node.js

    For web 'designers' really what you'll need as far as codes are concerned is 'HTML and CSS' and some JavaScript. But to be sure, many web designers are also web developers so HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP are usually the best combo to learn.

    The rest are learning design concepts (but then you can utilize best practice design concepts utilized on Bootstrap already or Google's own Materialize design on other frameworks) and learning to use an editor is second nature I think.

    Good luck!


    Originally Posted by habibkhan01 View Post

    Basically I am online marketer but now I want to learn about web design. I have no knowledge about it. Is there anyone who suggest me any tutorial or ebook on web design from start to finish.

    Have any guide to learn by own following any guideline ?
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    I have the same plan, and i am learning Photoshop. I searched for some materials online, and hope it helps you too.

    Lynda.com (this website is the one i finally choose, try Deke McClelland's courses, detailed and very helpful)

    CS5 Essentials by Michael Ninness
    For Photography related courses, watch Chris Orwig

    How to get organized and improve productivity? Try EfficientPIM, its an integrated information manager. You can use it to make to do lists, manage time, take notes, track customers, keep a journal, organize passwords and urls.

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    If you want to learn coding, then it's a whole different area, but If you wanna learn how to design looks of a website, then you must watch this youtube video for responsive (mobile friendly) website designing. I personally like his way of explaining things, I hope it helps
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    For Web Designing you have to learn three basic languages;
    HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    I will advice you to learn basics of these and also with the study you have to start working on some designs for your practice. The practice will help you to learn fast.
    During your practice you will face some problems then you can help some online solutions. By this method you can learn website designing with in a month.
    Its my Personal Experience.
    Thanks and all the best.
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    Pffff bro hit Youtube. you can be a graphic wizard in about week if you focus!

    Just helping out

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    Well good to see that you are interested in Web design.First you need to know Typography for design then you can learn Basic Photoshop. After completed you need to learn HTML, CSS, JS, then build your skill you can learn php and different type of framework for Front-End and Back End.. You will find many tutorial On YouTube add have many resources ... Just search your need..
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    I think the best and easiest way that you can start is by following some free tutorials online at youtube or others. Then you can learn basic photoshop, CSS and HTML. Once you have a hold of these, you can then start building small web pages.
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    Try to learn wordpress its very easy way to learn web desing
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    CSS Mastery is still my go to book. But for complete beginners try HTML and CSS by John Duckett
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    It is good to learn from tutorials but if you want to get professional expertise you need to start work with professional and experienced website designers. You can start internship with a good web design company.
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    w3school is pretty good and free. I learned a lot from udemy courses too. Search for udemy coupons to get a rebate.

    1. html
    2. css
    3. php
    4. js
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    I have a site 4 sale ....microsoftdicks. com but dont want to auction only private sale...any suggestions? selling due to recent health prob and will be going back in hosp soon itsnoyb2@gmail.com
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    With the addition of mobile responsive development, designing from scratch is harder than ever.
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      Lordy, lord...

      I've been a designer/developer since 1998 started as a graphic designer turned front-end designer/developer and now also a marketer and an entrepreneur...

      just like anything else, like marketing, seo, programming, etc... design is a lifetime study... if you just want to know a thing or two..

      all the replies prior to this are pretty much it...

      but if you want to run a business... my suggestion is to hire a designer/developer.. I would delegate this task to an expert... so you can concentrate on what you're better at.. and have more time to manage and run your business...

      Hire a designer from 99designs or depending on the type of site you need, a wordpress blog or just a simple LP or a one page .. you can hire someone from elance or freelance.com (the owner of our conversations) and get WP up and start publishing content or curate content (PipSnip) and get it over with.. you have better things to take care of.

      good luck!
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    you need to learn different tools of designing like illustrator,photoshop etc, also CSS,HTML.
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    First, You have to learn CSS and HTML. This is the tools to create a design on you Webpage. There are some free tutorials online that you can visit. I suggest you to visit W3Schools.com
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    There are thousands of tutorial which are good to learn regarding web designing. The excessively used to learn web designing site is w3school. So I suggest you to use this site.
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    Originally Posted by habibkhan01 View Post

    Basically I am online marketer but now I want to learn about web design. I have no knowledge about it. Is there anyone who suggest me any tutorial or ebook on web design from start to finish.

    Have any guide to learn by own following any guideline ?
    Start with w3schools.
    When you get the basics, continue reading around the web, pick a few blogs, follow them, watch youtube videos, and practice, practice and practice.
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    There are so many eBooks are available in google you can start reading. And w3school is also a good for a web designing ideas. One more website is here which can help you and gives training related to web designing.
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    Its very good idea that you want to learn Web design. You can very easily learn how to design any website. First thing you have to learn is Html, CSS, javascript etc, its the basic step to start your development process. Number of ebooks and online tutorials, videos are available you can also take help of these. And do practical implementation of all the concepts which your are learning this will help to clear your concepts and help in complex web design also.
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    Great Thinking about web development and this is awesome article.
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    hello Habibkhan!
    being an online marketer you want to learn web designs that is superb idea.. Infact it has become very important and grepping the student's interest also, even i having keen interest in web designing as it is very lively concept.
    For learning web designing first of all the knowledge of HTML and PHP is very essential. In my knowledge phptpoint is best tutorial site that provide free online tutorials. I took training from the same and i felt it very effective as all the tutorials are according to the terms and well explained in step by step.you should have look once i must it will b very easy for you to learn from it.
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    I can also suggest w3schools.com, it helped me a lot!
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    To learn web design from scratch, you can choose any online tutorial to improve your programming career. Just you need to develop a focused path and work hard on the field that you have chosen. Also, develop a good habit to read about web design in books or any pdf that are available online.

    Lemosys Infotech is the leading website development company in India, We are team of dedicated web developer. Hire us to get high level IT services for your Business.

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    My Brothers suggest you good message that w3schools.com is best website to learn web design.I am agree with him.
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    I would like to suggest to use https://www.w3schools.com, it is very helpful for web designer who are in learning stage. you can learn as well as practice here.
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    First of all you have to know that there are just too many programming languages right now. They may be over 200. So you have to understand that you have to make a proper choice. It takes years to master a programming language.

    First make a plan what you want to work on. You have 3 choices on them.
    1. Websites
    2. Desktop APPS
    3. Mobile APPS

    For Websites you can use any thing stated below:
    1. PHP
    2. ASP Dot Net
    3. Python
    4. Angular
    5. React

    Websites also need you to know Client Side Scripts like jQuery and JavaScript. They run on the browsers and makes websites more dynamic and user friendly.

    For Desktop APPS you can use:
    1. C# with dot net framework by Microsoft.
    2. C++ language
    3. Swift language
    4. Java Language

    For making mobile apps you can use:
    1. React Native
    2. Xamarin by Microsoft
    3. Native Script by Telerik

    There are many tutorials to learn all these things. W3schools is the best one out there and a lot of people have shared its link (so i am not sharing its link on my post).

    Moreover you should also take help from books by Wrox and Apress. There writers are very good and teaches programming in a great way.

    These days websites like Udemy also sells online courses on all programming languages which I have told you. Udemy is good but If you ask me then I would say it is not that good as a programming book.

    So make your choice after a good amount of thinking.
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    What language you wants to learn in web design. I suggest you to learn about HTML and CSS first of all.
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    Hi, First of all I am a professional web developer and developing website since 2012. Do you really have the patients to learning web design? It's not so tough but you have to more passionate. I would like to mention a URL for you to learn website from begging and you get get everything from start to finish.

    https://www.w3schools.com/ first of all start learning HTML and CSS and once you are able to design a simple layout then move forward to advanced level. You can download lots of free html templates from google and start following the codes and you will learn more so. Never feel shy to ask a question in a group about your problem, and when you are not able to figure out the problem then just search in YouTube that "how to do this" or "how to do that" regarding your topics, I hope if you are passionate then you can reach your goal.

    All the best.
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    There are many website that offer online tutorial on web designing and development for free. One such website is w3schools and the other is javatpoint.
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    codecademy.com is a good source to learn web design
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    First i will suggest to you must learn CSS and HTML. These are two languages to create or build a design on you Web pages. There are some free tutorials online that you can easily watch. I will recommend you to visit W3Schools.com

    Thanks and Regards,
    TechTiq Solutions
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    Do you want to learn web design and build websites? Web development is a complex field to get involved in, thanks in part to its constantly moving philosophies and standards. If you want to become a full-time web professional, you might be in for a bumpy ride.

    Fortunately, getting started on your journey can be somewhat simple. There are plenty of resources to help you begin, including books, websites and practice tools. Many doors are open to you -- it's just a case of choosing one and forging ahead.

    For learning web design You have to remember this 3 steps
    1. Research first.
    2. Learn the basic principles.
    3. Practice, practice, practice!
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    You can visit the following site https://www.w3schools.com/ and learn very easily.
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