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Hey everyone. This is my first time posting on here, and definitely not my last time(was not sure where to even start). However I thought I would post my website on the Website Design forum to get peoples ideas on my website.

This is largely because I have an issue with 1 page dropoffs on my site. Most people are leaving on the front page. I don't know why exactly, and I have tried optimizing the site speed a bit etc. I added our pricing to the front of the website, but there really wasn't a change in dropoffs.

I have looked at this website thousands of times to change it, update it etc, so I dont know what other people may think of it anymore. Right now I think it is okay, but not perfect like many websites out there using the Wordpress Platform.

Also, I am filtering out Spam visits on Google Analytics, and I have omitted my IP address from being included in the states so the stats aren't diluted.

I assume people may be leaving the site due to:
1. Boring and Unappealing
2. Slow load times
3. Learned what it was but are not interested

Anyways, let me know what you think. I believe this request isn't again the rules, but if it is please let me know. I did read the "before you post" post.

Here is the site: Paradigm | Office Automation
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    I believe that the main reason that you're seeing a lot of 1 page drop-offs is that you don't really have any links, call to actions, or content within the body of the site that actually takes people to a different page. The only "links" that I see are the contact us buttons in your pricing table, but you already have a contact form on that same page, so that seems a bit counter intuitive.

    If you want people to visit the other pages you have to show them that there's more content on your site to visit. You can have a most recent blog slider on your homepage that encourages people to check out your blog. At the top you can have a button that takes people to the "our solution" page for more info.

    Just because you have these pages listed in your menu doesn't mean people are going to click on them. You have to have your homepage as a "teaser" with different sections. Each of these sections will give a little bit of info, but to view more info they have to "click here" to see that dedicated page. This way people will see something they like on the homepage and if it's what their looking for they can get more info on the next page.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Ok, lets start from first page. The site loads really long.Now there are so many technologies that allow you to speed up the website, why dont you use it? Read about the angularjs framework.
    Within the first seconds on the site is hard to understand what you are talking about.
    First my question: why should i automate my office with your help? i need to see answer within 3 seconds on your site.
    Second question: what my problems are solved office automation?
    Third question: how much money I make, if automate my office with your help?

    As i see now the slider does not carry no information for me, its boring, really boring.


    "Increase Efficiency

    By implementing automation services within your office, every process is performed faster, and with greater accuracy."

    What does it mean? How much faster will run the process? In numbers.

    "Improve Teamwork

    Data entry, and the rule based tasks that your company needs to operate can be replaced with office automation, freeing up your team to work on sales."
    This is water again

    "First 10 Property Preservation clients get a free 30 day trial of our service!"
    Strange offer. Why only 10 clients? How do I know which account I client?
    here i see 2 ways:
    1. To install the meter, which will indicate how many clients can still receive this benefit.
    2. Modify the proposal. To offer customers to try your service for 30 days for free. And to prove to customers that they need the services of your company.
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    Sorry, forget about one important thing.
    Even if your client would like to contact you, this page Start Automating Your Business Now beats all the desire to do it.
    I am like a client don't want read this big text. This page must be as easy and short as possible. Look through this site please Request a quote
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      Awesome, thanks guys! That really helps! I guess I may need to work on changing the format that I have of the website. I have looked at it so many times that I have no idea if it is boring or not.

      Thank you for spending the time to write your posts out. Those are pretty helpful. I will have a cleaner website here soon with changes based on your input.
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    Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to look at the site and provide your feedback. I really appreciate it. Based on your input I adjusted the site a bit.

    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you please take another look at it and let me know what you think? It took me a while to adjust it.

    I wish I could spend more time on it.
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    I just had a look at your website. It's up on my monitor and I'm looking at it as I type.
    The website loads real fast which is good to avoid high bounce rates. It is also a big plus that it is responsive. I also checked it on my mobile phone and everything works ok, the font is readable. The navigation bar looks a bit small as well as the company name on the left side of the page. Why not make the hover over color in orange? Since your color scheme is black, orange and white(?) The wind-up guy image takes the focus away from the navigation bar. The graphics are clean and straightforward.
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