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by ns17
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Hey everyone please review my website

Make Money Online

I am very new to building websites and SEO and have been reading on warrior and other websites and also watching youtube videos on how to create your website.

I am in the MMO niche and I am planning to use this website for getting traffic and promoting the aff offers.

Please let me know the problems and things that I can improve on this website.

Many thanks for your help.
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    Your site is not open.
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    your site is well, you can optimized your meta tags.
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    Your site looks good to me. But I don't see any logo or favicon image in your site and also your meta description along with other tags are not much optimized. Coming to theme your site looks good simple yet professional. Your off-page optimization needs some serious focus. Backlinks count are very low. Try to get some quality backlinks and outreach your blog through the social media. It will help you gain some audience.
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  • Hey ns17

    It is a good job as a start, but I have not found a squeeze page!

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      Originally Posted by Ilenia Internet Marketer View Post

      Hey ns17

      It is a good job as a start, but I have not found a squeeze page!

      Thanks and I am also looking for squeeze page WP plugin but could find.

      Are there any free plugins in WP for squeeze page that you are aware of

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    Nice.. Very good interface. I think people will like it. Suggestion. I was there for about a minute and I did not see anything that made me stay longer. Present some shocking ads... make a few gif's. I like the theme.

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    The website looks good. There's a lot of empty white space around the logo area though. Consider making the height shorter so that it gets rid of the white space and/or add in an ad to a product/service that you're promoting.
    If possible see if there's a way to link the thumbnail images that are showing up for each post (on the left hand side) to the post too. Often times I tend to go over the image and click on it to see the post but on your site that image is not linked.

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    I think it's a cool site, but there's a lot of information to take in. I get overwhelmed pretty easily, so I would want to focus on one big story and go from there. Like they have tons of stories, but they have one central story that always draws your eye.
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    Remove the meta and categories (because you only have 1) from your sidebar.

    Increase your font size slightly.

    Remove the part 'powered by Wordpress' in your footer

    Leave only either 'Recent posts' or 'Latest' around and delete the other.

    Your YouTube points to and not your channel (perhaps you left out editing this part)?

    Hmm.. the post teaser just doesn't look appealing enough in terms of layout and design.
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