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I need some honest advice on my website:
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    The layout is good. But what's with the pulsating dot. I tried a few menu options and that pulsating dot causes a long pause before the materials show up.

    I'm not liking it. This is the 2nd site I have reviewed btw on Warrior and wow. This is pretty exciting. From what I see, your service is really focused. To me, that's great. I the first site I reviewed was much more appealing because there was a lot of eye candy and while the subject matter was focused, the content was all over the place and "AS IT SHOULD BE" he stated he was trying to make money and I saw "Different" marketing ads.

    To me that made perfect sense with regards to what he was trying to accomplish. One that I wanted to add to the 1st website I looked at was animated gif's.

    I like animated gif's because they move and they make your site alive. BTW, my site is under construction. BuddyandBanjo where we specialize in office automation. Man that feels great to say that and I'm just a worker like everyone else.

    I would highly suggest that I see some ads in the boarders that reflect products that may compliment your "WRITING".

    Some photo's would be nice, and I've given this a lot of thought. The dialup days are over and with Windows 10 on the look soon, I say you should load that baby down with the video and some high res pictures and such. Bring it to life and just have a great time with it.

    I would also highly recommend that you come of with some marketing ideas that will bring some life to what you offer. It does not have to be fancy, but remember:
    Office Automation Is Not A Fad and I am not a programmer!

    I will check back at that page, so keep up the good work!

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    Your theme is exactly matching with your niche that i liked most.

    Your blog speed is good.

    I just have one suggestion , Just add some more content on your blog so that visitor can spend more time on there.
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    Here is my honest ultra mega short review of mine.

    If you sell a service NEVER EVER use a free platform like Wordpress. How am I supposed to trust you or to hire you if I see that you can't afford hosting and a domain name.

    Again, this tells me as a potential buyer that your service might be a scam or something very poorly done as long as you don't have your personal website.

    My advice will bee to go over to hostgator, buy their smallest plan for one year because I know it's cheap, register a relevent domain name for your business, install wordpress, install a very simple but elegant theme, customize it and voila: you have a professional looking site and much more chances for someone to hire you.

    Don't get me wrong but a lot of years ago I did the same mistake of building a website on a free platform selling some services and I got the same advice. 2 weeks after I went live with my website I got my first 3-4 sales...

    If you have any other questions let me know here or by PM and I will do my best to help you.

    Rares Michael
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    I don't much care for this theme. Find something that's popular on wordpress and see if you use one of those popular themes.
    Also try not to have just one large column layout. See if you can get a sidebar on the right so that people can easily navigate to other posts.

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    Thank you all!!

    It seems there are several key issues I need to address:

    - Not enough content
    - Design could use a few additions to improve its appeal
    - Not easy to navigate through due to the single-column style
    - I need to get my own domain

    Thank you so much. In a week or so I hope to address all these points.
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