dreamweaver substitute?

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10 june 2015

noob grasshopper needs to know if there is replacement for dreamweaver ? ..........
I have pixlr and getpaint.net, in the hard drive now. (image editors) (free).

what else can I use to alter script & coding?

any suggestions?

thanks pleurezyme
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    It's called Wordpress, it's free and you can customize it virtually any way you want with plugins, templates largely without ever having to even mess with coding.

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    THere's a lot of IDE's you can use that can replace "dreamweaver". Codelite, Eclipse, Netbeans, Python Editor and PHP Designer, you can use them in coding and scripts. But when you're looking for a software that can create a website try Wordpress. It has thousands of plugins and themes you can use and turn your site into anything you can imagine
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    Following are couple of options that you can consider.

    1. Aptana
    2. Quanta Plus
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    One may use WordPress, template-toaster instead of dreamweaver. WordPress is easy to use CMS and templatetoaster allows users to create themes as per their requirements for major CMSs in a lesser time, even if they have less or no coding knowledge still they can design themes using such tool.
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    I second David with Notepad++
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