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Hi guys, could I ask a favour.

Could you make your way to my website and tell me if the loading time us really slow?

Day Out in London - A Blog about London's Best Attractions

I recently changed the theme and my bounce rate shot up. I've had mixed results with speed tests but I suspect that there are too many images being loaded.

Anyway if you could check for me and let me know I'd be really greatful

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    It looks slow (very) for image size. Use image smush plugin
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      I've used the EWWW image optimiser plug in and have wp cache installed (although I can't get it to work). I'm really not sure what else I can do.
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    It's not slow.

    Just checked it using Pingdom tool. It's below 2 seconds and faster than 88% of all sites.
    Website speed test

    You may try out the free tool to check all sites.

    One tip to make your images load fast: host them all at cloud server like rackspacecloud etc. Hope that helps!
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      Use A Lazy load plugin because it will load the text first.
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    wow yes it is extremely slow :x

    Use wordpress plugins such as your EWWW one as well as W3 Total Cache, use some CSS compressor plugins as well.

    Of course, there is only so much you can do with that, getting a better and faster (though usually more expensive) host is also a great idea to quickly help you solve the loading issue.
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    So Slooooooow , I try to hit refresh button but still don't work. And it would be better if you could redesign your page to a more organized form. Put some space between the ads and articles.
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    Ok it's loading faster today than it did for me yesterday. I would say it can still be sped up more, but it's doing better now. The design is catchy btw, good job!
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    I don't know why but for me it loads very well. Strange thing.

    Although it loads fast I think you should work more on that design and organize it a little bit. Frankly I don't find it catchy and that design might cause you big troubles in terms of loading speed later on when you will have even more images to display.
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    This seems to be loading 'okay' for me, however, I'm on fiber internet so it's considerably faster.

    When looking at your ping results, I can see that there is some room for optimization. You have some Javascript loading before some elements (specifically images) have been rendered on your page.

    In addition, anytime you're running a site that is graphically rich like this, you'll want to seriously consider upgrading your host, especially if you're getting steady traffic to your page.

    What kind of hosting are you using? Shared, VPS, Dedicated? If you have access to WHM, you should definitely consider updating your memory allocation as well to a minimum of 64M to help render the images faster (this may not be available to you depending on your hosting plan).

    Best Regards,
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    The website is loading quite slow for me.
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    I tested your site with Pingdom tools. It takes 5.88S to load.

    Your web hosting server has high response time. contact your server administrator for this.

    Use smush Wordpress plugin to reduce image sizes.
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    Check out Google PageSpeed.

    It'll point you in the right direction.

    By the way, if you really want to make your site lean: look into JPEGmini.
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    Use Google's tool to analyze your website here.

    It will tell you specific advice for how to increase website speed.
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    It's loading a bit slow (hiccup at start before page renders) on this end.

    Use the tools many already mentioned to better analyze your speeds and possible solutions.
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      if a site score 71/100 on mobile , user experience 98/100

      and score 81/100 for desktop

      consider already ok not bad?

      using google page speed in sights to test.

      there are still some errors consider to fix as all score is not 100 /100
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    It's not slow on my end. IMO, I think the reason behind your high bounce rate is because people are kind of overwhelmed with your website that's why they tend to just click out of your website. Just my two cents.
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    Yes, is very very slow!!! almost 5 second to load, you have to improve yout image and the load of the javascript, because the load of the javascript block the visual content.

    I recommend you to use the Google's tool "Pagespeed Insight", that says you what you need to improve the speed of your website.
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    Puzzles theme I own this one as well, never really got a chance to see how it performs yet.

    As far as load speed goes, seems OK to me.... may want to give it a test here: Website speed test
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    I really like your style . The picture looks nice . I like it very much. Your Web page will be more known .
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    I like the design of the website. It looks very alive and balanced. However, it is somewhat slow in loading. Make the speed better and your website will be perfect.
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    Probably you changed it already because it's really not slow now. Nice website!
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    On load it isn't, but view more is really slow.
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    Maybe my speed is fast? I didn't see any problems, it loaded quite fast.

    But if there're a lot of people saying is a little slow, there is a problem. Removing 6 posts can make a difference, less stuff to load = faster results, at least try it .
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    I checked your website today at pingdom here's the result Website speed test

    your site load time is 7.41 seconds. people don't wait that long and they leave your site instantly.

    use smush plugin to reduce the size of your images, but when you optimized your images in SEO this will only deleted once you use this plugin
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    delete the cache on your browser and re-test
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    The speed of the website will be very different for all warriors seeing as it will depend on your location and the location of the server where the website is hosted. To really check the speed of your website, you should use the pingdom tool and the pagespeed insights application of Google, this will give you a solid overview of how fast your website actually is.

    There are a number of things that you can use to speed up your website:
    *Optimizing images
    *Lazy Load images
    *Enable Gzip compression (ask your host)
    *Use a caching plugin, I recommend w3
    *Use cloudflare in combination with w3. Using the right settings, this can really boost your site, but you need to know what you're doing.

    These are som general tips you can use to speed up your website, I hope it helps!

    Best Regards,
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    It's not slow, unless you have slow internet connection.
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    Hi. Checked your website and it loads pretty well on my end. Not sluggish or anything.
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