What Is the best way to collect web design specs/content from clients

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Im not sure I'm alone on this one or not, but I am constantly getting requests for new websites from people who then struggle to provide the content they need in an efficient way. It can be like pulling teeth. I think I am atleast partly to blame because I don't have a way that makes it dummy proof for them. Just curious what other web developers do or use to make it easy for customers...
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    This is a classic client problem which slows down the process and screws up the project timeline.

    Worse is that some clients end up blaming the designer/developer later on for the delay.

    I usually try to get all the collateral (graphics, logo, copy etc) before I start the project to avoid this precise dilemma.

    My contract even states that I'm not responsible for them not delivering the info in a timely manner.
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    You should try to construct your website as a package. This way you can tell your client how many pages they get, how many images etc.

    You could also offer a package like bronze, silver or gold so the better packages mean they get more pages etc.

    The next thing is to get the content so you can supply the client with a page template form to fill whether online or mailed as a paper form. If mailing a form, be sure to send a blank cd or flash drive for images or have them email them.

    The form will have sections for the client to fill such as "services" and the client can write down the content for the services page. The form should also have boxes for the client to write down image file name so you know which images go on which page. Also a section for other notes helps just incase they have any comments to make requests. If they want services in a bullet list they should be able to say. Do this for each page and the client will give you what you need. Some don't start the website until they have sent you the form back. You should also send an agreement too as a tip

    My boss made is a millionaire from this method woth a team of just 5 web designers, 5 sales people, 2 seo specialists and an edit guy who focused on talking with clients and making changes after the website had been built so other guys worked in new websites and weren't distracted. I used to work there so I know and not being big headed but I was the best for quality and how many websites done in a day which averaged around 7 websites in a day.

    So yeah doing it like this using templates for both the websites and content works great. Hopefully I explained it okay.

    If your wanting to do more custom websites and mess about more with design and content then prepare to get messed about yourself lol when I was freelancing and spending more time on websites and trying to make them look and work the best I could do then I would find myself requesting content during a project such as staff photos just because I thought they would look great on a certain page and I had to wait weeks for the photos. However clients can be busy and have other things to do
    do so you have to accept that I'm afraid. Every client is different but requesting content with a well designed form can work well in making sure you have all the content you need before you start. Even if they didn't make sense or missed something on the form then request the info and don't start on the project until you have everything and start a project you do have all the content for
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      Thanks guys. Do you guys have an example of the contracts you have people sign or the forms you have them fill out? Things I guess I know I have to get better at and really need a kick to get going..

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        Depends on what u want.
        if you are designer than for getting new designs idea you can follow pinterest website. for diamond jewellery website i did same.
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          Originally Posted by heiljewellery View Post

          Depends on what u want.
          if you are designer than for getting new designs idea you can follow pinterest website. for diamond jewellery website i did same.
          What does your comment have to do with this conversation?

          Are you attempting to promote your site instead of adding to the thread?

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    I apologise for the grammar and spelling mistakes above , I typed the above on my "smart" phone.... and I'm a little high
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