Attention Freelancers - Where are you getting your business these days?

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I'm under a bit of a dry spell lately. Just wondering where you other freelancers are finding your design work these days. Don't need any trade secrets, just a general push in the right direction.

I've tried sites like elance and guru, but I keep getting outbid by overseas labor. After several months, I wasn't able to secure even one single project. It seems I am also losing a lot of my local business and repeat customers to cheaper workers as well. Craigslist is a complete hit or miss (lots of people wanting to waste your time on that website). The web forums I used to get work in are now ghost towns.

For many years I ran a very profitable and successful design business but these days it feels like work is becoming harder and harder to find. Am I alone here or are other designers/developers feeling this crunch too?

I don't like making excuses. I hate complaining. And I'm definitely NOT giving up as I don't want to go back to a 9-5 grind. I want to attract new clients and customers, but unsure of where to start looking. Anyone have any advice?
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    I'm sorry to hear that business has been unusually slow lately. I'm wondering if you tried Dribble or maybe the workforhire reddit forum?
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      Originally Posted by SomeMoney View Post

      I'm sorry to hear that business has been unusually slow lately. I'm wondering if you tried Dribble or maybe the workforhire reddit forum?
      Dribbble looks nice, but it requires an invite from an existing member if I want to share my own work. Maybe I can ask around and see if anyone can toss me an invite.

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  • I quite the freelance job boards and focus solely on craigslist now to get work.
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    Why don't you get SEO performed on your website so that more local businesses (e.g. your usual pool of audience) will find you for your web design services instead? Inbound marketing methods always work better than outbound, and when you target your local audience, the trust they will have in you is higher too and thus they're more likely to pay a premium for your services too.
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      Elance and other platforms are perfect for starters and third world country designers but not really for anybody else seeking a serious job. I think you should bring your profession to the next level. You should network more and market yourself. Promote your site and your services on twitter and other social media. Be out there and somebody will surely notice you!
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    O desk,Elance are best site to promote your online business.Create account in them and hire seo expert,content writer according to your need and promote your business.
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    Try Behance. It is a perfect place for Designers to promote themselves and find inspirtaion. Moreover there is a Jobs section where you may find interesting tasks.
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