Can you recommend a WP Theme that allows users to sell their services?

by Dave O
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I am thinking of building a website based service that allows a niche of professionals to have a presence on the site and sell their services to customers. I would then get a commission off every one of their sales, charge a member ship fee, or both.

The auction theme from Site Mile is similar to what I want however it doesn't appear that the sellers will have much of a presence on the site. I would like the sellers to have a significant portion of screen real estate to sell their services. I would like their page to have a high amount of customize-ability. Their page/listing would list background, experience, and have images and videos showcasing their business. Also on the page would be a section to see what services are available, a schedule, and be able to sign up for their services.

I understand Woo Commerce has a huge amount of flexibility however with so many other themes and plugins out there it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thank you
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