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Dang, this thing was hard to code in order to be responsive at all resolutions and most browser windows. But Google sent me a notification that it passes their responsiveness test.

Canadian 2012 One-Cent Piece - To Coin a Phrase

Here is where I myself tested it:

Screenfly / Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions

I can't seem to do anything about the vertically distorted images at some resolutions (like 1024 X 768). But apparently that's a global monitor-driver/browser-coding problem. I know this because on my PC at some resolutions on different monitors, all circles in a Google image search are vertically distorted. The problem is also being reported all over the web. I think it's a way to force OS, apps, and hardware upgrades to meet the challenges of the brave new world of interconnected mobile computing devices.

The thing about my site is (can you keep a secret?) I don't care if my main advertised product sells or not (coins).

My game plan is to create a well conceived niche site and only later optimize random blog post pages buried deep inside for affiliate products, etc. I will want the targeted traffic to land on those pages only.

So in effect my site is like a landing page on steroids.

This new ranking thing with Google and all those different screen sizes...that's what kept me up for many nights.

But I think I can relax now.

Until somebody changes the rules again...

...which they will.
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    So... What are you trying to ask or say?
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      Originally Posted by alvinchua91 View Post

      So... What are you trying to ask or say?
      I could rewrite the post title as an interrogative.
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    Nice responsive design, you clearly know what you're doing.

    For what it's worth, I made a site responsive back in 2013 and 6 months later traffic doubled. It matters. Hugely.
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