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Hey guys

We are using ppc campaigns to bring in leads for the business, however bounce rate is quite high for our landing page which is making it expensive for the business to keep ppc campaigns running. Our current bounce rate is 60% for the landing page. Please have a look at your landing pages

1) Motorbike Underwriters
2) Motorbike Valuation

Url 1 is for homepage and Url 2 is where we collect leads from interested people. Please comment on our landing pages.

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    I would start with your content above the fold. I think you could add more valuable information up there.

    Try to incorporate some unique selling information. Why should I do business with you instead of the next guy?

    I've done conversion work for many big companies such as Expedia, The Boston Globe, Kobo Books, Firestone and more...

    Kyle Chapman - CEO - Conversion Marketing Services a Conversion Rate Optimization Firm

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    The 2nd landing page (valuation) takes forever to load. I must have watched the speedo dial at least 20 times before anything even appeared on the page.

    A lot of people don't have the patience to wait 30 seconds for a page to load, and will abandon it before they even see it.
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      I would say both pages are a miss. I might suggest 'Motorbike Underwriters - We buy Bikes' or something that specifically indicates the use of the site. right now as mentioned I thought it was a site for bike insurance.

      Your landing page... in the yellow box I am typing in what? In that vast space above the optin box I would lay out the 3 steps and the information needed. - or at the very least give an indication of the documents the end user might want to have at their finger tips to give you the information you are going to be asking for.
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