iThemes or Revolution WordPress Themes - Which are Better?

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I'm looking to upgrade several of my WordPress sites and want to purchase premium themes that offer multi-developer licenses. So far the only two I've been able to find are these two.

Of the two, which do you believe is better - and why?

And are there others out there I have missed that I should consider?


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    I would prefer revolution one to iThemes, I can't explain why. but maybe the designs suits me best.

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      There are lots of others, especially if you're looking for additional flexibility and don't mind getting under the hood a bit.

      One recently released theme that provides a boatload of flexibility is Headway. I haven't used it myself, but it looks like it's well thought out. It's so flexible that it's more of a platform or framework for child themes rather than a full-blown theme on its own.

      And speaking of theme frameworks, if you really don't mind getting your hands dirty, there are several really good ones. Some of them are even free and open source, like WP itself. Check out this comparison of several frameworks.

      I've recently started doing new sites using Hybrid (mentioned in the above resource). It's free (though he does charge $25 per year for access to premium support and tutorials - a bargain IMO) relatively easy, and extremely flexible. You can be up and running and creating child themes in a few minutes. There is a bit of learning if you haven't worked with child themes before, but I find that it's well worth the effort.

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        Originally Posted by Steve Diamond View Post

        One recently released theme that provides a boatload of flexibility is Headway.
        Has anyone actually used this theme yet? I'm looking for some honest (non-affiliate ) feedback.

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    You should consider headway as well.

    But i would prefer Revolution Two
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    I had pretty poor customer service and hiccups with ithemes. I haven't used revolution so I can't comment on it personally, but know a lot of people who use it with good success.
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    I have used both iThemes and Revolution one. Sorry I havent used the Revolution 2 themes(Only custom made now).

    Lots of theme options
    Poor customer support

    Rev 1:
    Great customer support
    The themes though are good does look run of the mill.
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    They are different. Use the theme that works for you. I had one client that needed something more funky/social/urban and another that wanted one that REvolution had on their site. Depends what you want and need.
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    I'm with Steve on this one. I love Headway.

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    I 'll suggest you revolution themes they are really good and come up with a complete user manual moreover after sales service is also good.
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    I agree I've been looking at headway..really tempting either that or thesis...studiopress looks great...i did checkout itheme, but if between studiopress and itheme, i think i'd go w/ studiopress...would like to know if anyone tested headway or thesis...

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    As per HealeyMedia.....WOO THEMES gets my vote everytime!

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