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Hi there

Today's WP Tip is how to add a free online game to your WP site

Some of you may be thinking that this is only for people in the game niche, but its not

Adding a free game to your website can keep your visitors on your website for longer, no mater what niche you are in

Think of your web site as a magazine and all magazines have puzzles and games in them to keep there reader entertained, so adding a game or puzzle to your WP site could be good for lowering your bounce rate and that has to be a plus for any web master

So here is how you do this

First go to this URL Games - Free Online Games at FOG.COM

Once there you can browse the many games available, there are many types including puzzle game to keep your readers entertained

There is no sign up needed, just click on the game you like and it will give you an embed code and instructions on how to play the game

Make sure you paste the embed code in the text view of your page or post and copy and paste the instructions for the game, so your readers know how to play the game

That's all there is to it, the only downside is that there is an advert that plays before the game but there is no link for your readers to click so they will not leave your site

You can embed as many games as you like and its completely free

Well I hope you enjoyed this WP tip to help your marketing efforts, remember anything that keeps people on your site cant be a bad thing.

Try and stand out from the crowd and don't just fill your website with adds, people don't go online to look as adds they go online to be entertained

Wishing you every success

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