What is the best CMS for eCommerce?

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5 Best Content Management Systems

Drupal Commerce
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    In my opinion I believe wooCommerece just because the backend user interface is easy to use and probably has the most readily available support.

    They probably have the most templates available.
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    Magento is the best CMS for ecommerce websites. I have done more than 20 ecommerce website with the only help of Magento. You can also try this.

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  • WordPress/WooCommerce because it is so extensible
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    I would opt for Magento and my second choice would be Wordpress.
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    WooCommerce is my choice
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    my suggestion is magento because maximum of function you can customized using backend only dont need to edit the source code
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    Woocommerce is the best choice for creating eCommerce website, other than this you may also choose Joomla for the same. It also provide the related plugins like Jstore, Virtuemart etc.. Another options are theme builder or website builder like templatetoaster, webo. These are also useful resources for making eCommerce websites.
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    I think WooCommerce is the best.
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    Wordpress and WooCommerce is my first choice. A larger project with more complex needs might sway me to Drupal and Drupal Commerce. If you're client is not super interested in sys.admin, I'd suggest Shopify.
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    wordpress (woocommerce) is highy recommended
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    Most of the big sites use Magento, but woocommerce offers a lot of things you can do yourself.
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    For beginners and small businesses I can highly recommend WooCommerce. It's free, it's based on WordPress so you get all the additional plugins and themes and you get the awesome community behind it.
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    Prestashop is a good option for you to start your shop online. The Prestashop community is also great to resolve any isssue you will face.
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    Magento is best for eCommerce website.
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    Best Content Management Systems for e-commerce:

    · Shopify
    · Magento
    · Presta Shop
    · Os- Commerce
    · Woo-Commerce
    · Drupal Commerce
    · Opencart
    · Zen Cart
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    I prefer magento and opencart for ecommerce sites.
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      I prefer Magento, Drupal and PrestaShop when building eCommerce websites.
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    Magento is the best CMS for eCommerce. However you can also try word press or open cart.
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    I would recommend Drupal Commerce. It's very diverse and security feature wise, it has the best among the CMS mentioned above. Though, Drupal requires a more advanced technical knowledge compared to WordPress, it still provides the best of all you need in an e-commerce website. Drupal is especially the best option if you're planning to have a big e-commerce website.

    For smaller e-commerce website, WordPress would do especially if the person who'll maintain the website is not that technical.

    My take on Magento, it's not that easy to use. It requires programming skills.
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      I think wordpress is best. It is easy to handle and use. You can also try magenta.
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    I would rather select know about business first and how many products will be sold online and based on that, would select E commerce platform. But would not select Woocommerce because i have heard ordering problems in it from clients such as orders are send in pending automatically.

    My choice would be: Magento, Shopify and Volusion. After understanding requirements of client only, i would suggest the best platform among three with specifying reason.

    Thank you
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    Woocommerce is highy recommended for small store and for large store Magento is best.
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    Top 10 Open Source eCommerce Platforms

    i. Magento Community Edition
    ii. WooCommerce (WordPress)
    iii. PrestaShop
    iv. OpenCart
    v. osCommerce
    vi. Zen Cart
    vii. Spree Commerce
    viii. Jigoshop (WordPress)
    ix. VirtueMart (Joomla)
    x. Drupal Commerce (Drupal)

    Ultimately, it's impossible to say what the "best" platform is, as your specific needs will determine which features will benefit you most. If you're trying to do basic ecommerce, and you don't need a scalable or customizable option, then one of the smaller, simpler ecommerce platforms could be perfect for you.
    On the other hand, if you need a lot of versatility (or you're willing to pay for a developer), then one of the more high-performance platforms is more likely to suit your needs.
    You're the only one who can decide what's best for your business. Just remember, though, that people will judge your entire business based on your storefront...so choose wisely.
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    I think wordpress WooCommerce is best for all.
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    Everyone has failed to ask the OP if they are running on shared, cloud or dedicated servers. Personally i have tested all solutions and can advise you that Magento is indeed the best, BUT its really heavy on resource usage. Woocommerce has wordpress cms and loads of bloatware for a simple ecommerce solution.

    On a shared hosting plan, i strongly suggest opencart, for enterprise production servers running a large scale platform i suggest magento. I like opencart for SEO and speed personally.
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    Hey both Magento and WooCommerce are great. But nowdays wordpress get a lot of attention so it might be a nice idea to use WooCommerce.
    WooCommerce is a plugin used in wordpress.

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    I would suggest Magento and Opencart. If you have a small ecommerce website then you should choose Opencart and Magento will be good for a large website.
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    Magento and WooCommerce both. Magento for large stores and WooCommerce to work with WordPress.
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    I think, you choose between Drupal and Magento. WordPress is also good for eCommerce but Drupal and Magento are much better if you know about the coding stuff.

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    my choise is Drupal Commerce. really the best one

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    I have always preferred Magneto. Mostly just a preference thing, I found it the easiest to use.
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    WooCommerce (hands down) Experience it just once and you will feel not leaving at all.
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    Magento and Wordpress is the best CMS for ecommerce website development and designing .

    Its more popular and demanding CMS now a Days. 1000 of websites build in this platform in daily basis

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    It depends on the size and functionalities of your ecommerce website. If it is a small or average store than Shopify is the best option and if it is a big ecommerce site than Magento is the great option because of its powerful CMS and secured platform.
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  • Profile picture of the author sandeepjkl
    I have a e commerce website at the moment and have a small retail store. I am wanting to add a barcode and scanner and integrate a pos system but don't know we're to start and am finding it hard to find a system that I can use with my current website .
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    Opencart is so unwieldy for me.

    My vote is for WooCommerce (WordPress).
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  • Profile picture of the author sandeepjkl
    Our website is powered through Magento CMS although I am losing my patience with it. We are completely restricted as to what we can do. The development costs are high and ongoing.
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    I would suggest you can use Magento, I have used it, I thinks its easy to use for startup.
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  • Profile picture of the author rdeck
    I think WooCommerce is ideal platform for WordPress based eCommerce websites.
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    Best eCommerce web site is:
    wordpress, joomla, magento. Wordpress need a plugin WooCommerce.
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  • Profile picture of the author sandeepjkl
    I have a ecommerce website at the moment and have a small retail store. I am wanting to add a barcode and scanner and integrate a pos system but don't know we're to start and am finding it hard to find a system that I can use with my current website .
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      I use WooCommerce for the online sales of my wife's bakery.

      But I've tried Shopify too and I find their cms very user friendly and easy to use.

      I work with WooCommerce because it's very flexible with WordPress as the backend, and because of the cost. Shopify gets pricey especially when you start adding plugins that you pay monthly for.
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    Hi all I just wanted to know. Apart from Magento Which CMS is better? Or should i go for magento 2.0?

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    Woocommerce because it's free and has many extensions as well.

    Hope you have a prosperous 2017!

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    I think woocommerce is the best is because it has strong security and easy to manage.
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    woocommerce. Thanks
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