Why you should avoid machine-translation for your site

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I received an order lately, a customer asked me to translate his site into Chinese, I logged in and checked what's the problem. He used automatic translation plugin. I kept laughing when I read the pages and products descriptions.

How can he make a sell I wonder.

Some companies and e-store owners don't want to spend extra dollars to hire someone to translate their website and used free stuff, this is a huge mistake. It shows that you're not serious about your business, it seems like a joke, not a business.

If you do business with other countries, be cautious about your site's translation, be serious. And by the way, on fiverr, you can hire someone to do the job, it just cost you 5 dollars.
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    I completely agree with you. Just to save some amount of money website owners often use free tools which harm their websites. It is important that we use paid services to give quality to our work.
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    Low-quality translation will cause high bounce rate on website. People will just come to website read some page 20 seconds and go away. Thus there are no search engine rankings, no banner clicks, etc
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    if your page is getting viewed by chinese ppl, why dont you a chinese version of your website.. to prevent them using the auto translate which messed up the content of the website..
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