what do you think of my website !

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hey guy, this is my website im'I in the right way !!
Diabetes Management, Recipes and Treatments
please i need your help
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    Not bad at all,simple, consistent but a bit boring site.
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  • Great, but make logo "Diabetes Management" little bigger ;-)

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        Your site is coming along nicely. I would consider changing the "Diabete Management" to "Diabetes Management". There is a lot of white space by the top border. You might want to consider making use of that space with a custom logo, banner, email capture, affiliate offer, ect. There is so much you could do with that area. Or perhaps just shorten that space.

        Personally I like lavenders, plums and purple shades. However for many those types of shade can be a love it or hate it relationship. Your site looks mostly geared towards women. If that is the goal then that's great. If you're also looking for a large male audience then you might consider making it a little more male orientated. Thereby being more appealing to both audiences.
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          Hello. I just want to share my two cents on the look and feel of your website.
          IMO, your site title should be a little bit bigger than your current site title so that it'll be the first thing that the viewers will read. The navigation buttons are easy to read. The social media icons are placed well and easy to see. I just don't think that the color scheme is that appealing. Because on some screens, the purple color may look bluish due to not calibrated monitors. And also, try to place your logo somewhere that is visible, for brand awareness.
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            I just have a look into your website, I can say its pretty clean and simple. But I guess you are missing one thing - Opt In box, to collect emails. I can see that your site have the potential to provide value to readers, building a list is very important. Start early, because 99% of bloggers, internet marketers or home business owners build their list. Long term strategy I should say. Try GetResponse for autoresponder, a great tool I personally use to collect leads.

            Nonetheless, thumbs up on your side.

            PS: Put a little bit graphics and design to make the site more eye-catching.

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    Locanic in a way,but a little bit borring,sorry
    wanna add some bright strings or smth like that
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    Not bad, But It need more improvement.
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    It looks okay.How about adding some images? That make your website more attractive.
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    It look nice and simple you did a good job with it.

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