Need advice on how to proceed... Apparently client's site has been hacked...

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Ok, so I built a site for someone about a year or 2 ago.

I helped them here and there with it since then -- no problem.

Now their site has (apparently) been hacked in some way. On THAT topic, I am NOT an expert! When their site is visited now, you are confronted with the dreaded "untrusted site!" page with the "customs guy" icon!

Any ideas on what to do to help them out? What are the 1st steps to take?

-- TW
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    Hi Timothy.

    What I would suggest to do ASAP:
    1. Contact web hosting provider regarding this issue and ask them to check the account and server.
    2. Download the full account backup.
    3. Block web access to all the files.
    4. Change all the possible passwords (account, DB, e-mail etc.)
    5. Examine the account and try to find how exactly and what has been hacked (check the file contents, logs etc.).
    6. Ask your web hosting provider to restore the account from the most recent backup. Once account is restored ensure that restored version is not compromised.
    Also, you would probably need to change the passwords again at the restored account.
    7. Secure the site and upgrade all scripts to the latest stable versions.

    It should be useful to check the following URL:
    Webmasters help for hacked sites ? Google
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