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Hi my name is Chris,

I have created a website on a passion of mine; Guitar Playing
see website,I won't launch until I have around 500 subscribers.

In the meantime I was accepted into Guitar trick's affiliate program and have customised a page, it's pay per sign up for the free trial. I have written my review with affiliate links embedded ect...

Will this convert?

What are some tips you can offer to tweak my website and affiliate page?

How should I market this? Online, pay-per-click or offline methods, door knocking, letterboxing, handing out flyer/business cards?

I would really appreciate the feedback as I am new to internet marketing.

Thank you.
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    There are several things I would change...

    First of all, I don't like that design, but that could be just me.

    On the home page, I would make it more like a "traditional" squeeze page, especially if you don't plan to launch it before getting those 500 subscribers. I would remove those links on the left and that "under construction" banner. I would make opt-in box more "visible", list just couple of benefits, and offer something in exchange for email address (like a free video with one specific guitar tip, or something like that). I'm pretty sure that would give you better conversions that just "subscribe for updates".

    On that review landing page, it looks like too many banners to me, especially for a landing page of review for a specific product. I would (maybe) keep those in sidebar, but remove all other banners. Also, don't get me wrong, but that review article could be much better, from copywriting point of view. (You can PM me and I'll send you some free resources that I think are good)

    And when it comes to marketing, I would definitely concentrate on online marketing, social media and probably PPC to get first flow of traffic to the site.

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    Thanks for your informative response to my thread.

    I'm new to internet marketing, playing the guitar is a hobby and passion of mine. I'm all about improving my website to maximize conversion, and sales potential.
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