How to design a logo for a beautiful website ?

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How to design a logo for a beautiful website?
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  • I use adobe illustrator for logo design
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    1.Develop a concept, try to include your motto or objective or something related to your business or personality.
    2.Use paper and pencil, draw some rough sketches and try to implement your ideas in mind.
    3.Keep it simple, avoid unnecessary elements.
    4.Use design principles design it appropriately using tools like PS, illustrator.
    5.tweak it until you got satisfaction.

    here are some articles which provide you some guidelines.
    7 Killer Tips for Logo Design
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    Try using Fiverr. There are some amazing designers there. I use two great designers for my logo needs. Their work is amazing. Why don't you give it a try?
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      You should start to conceptualize first, what do you want your audience to see? How do you want your audience to view your company via your logo? Your color scheme and stuff like that. As for software, I suggest that you use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. They're easier to use and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube and blogs that teach them.
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    if you want to design logo himself. you can follow youtube tutorial. or you can hire a man who can design logo.
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    Try CorelDraw for logo Designing and you will get Tons of tutorials about Logo Designing in YouTube.
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    As everyone has said above, there is a lot that goes into LOGO DESIGN. As a designer, my first method is to look for inspiration and find out what other designs look like in my field, or others that I like. From there, I take to sketches drawing out 10-25 quick rough draft concepts. From there, I go into Adobe Illustrator and design away. Finally, I add color and text to bring the design into perfection.

    However there are many ways to do this without design knowledge. There are market places like graphicriver where you can purchase a "template" and adjust your text. There are websites where you can create a "contest" like 99 Designs where people will submit concepts for your guaranteed prize amount. Then there are places like Fiverr where you can find designers cheap. Be careful with who you go to though!

    You have tons of options out there!
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    I use adobe illustrator for creating a logo. I should know the website type & content for getting some idea.
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      I can tell you what kind of software you can use, but isn't easy to create a logo, I recommend you to hire a real professional, you can do it quite cheap on sites like Upwork or Freelancer, even Fiverr.

      You will end up with a professional logotype for your business or whatever you're doing.

      Even if you think you did something great it's probably not that great, you just think is good because you did it, trust me and hire a professional, that's why they work doing that, so they can create unique and stunning stuff to stand out from the rest.

      If you decide to go on your own, try Photoshop or Illustrator, any of them are the way to go, you can find a lot of free vectors online that you can use as a base for your logo, free fonts as well. You can find inspiration from other websites but never copy anything, create something new based on something or even from scratch.

      Pencil and paper it's a recommendation also, draw any idea you have, even words so you can think of something creative, unique and relative to your niche.
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    you can create logo by visiting site
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