Can not find code to remove footer from my Flexsqueeze theme

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This seems very easy to me but after a few hours of looking I just can not find which file the code is located in for the footer showing up on this squeeze page Zero Risk Sports Arbitrage

I want to edit it but I seriously went through every single file in the site and just can not locate it. Any help might save me from going crazy.

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    PM me the site details, its a 2 min work.
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      in your WordPress admin panel, scroll down to "Appearance" and click "editor"

      now you will be able to edit your theme files...from the right hand menu select "footer.php"

      you should see this code:

      <div id="footer">
            <div id="footerdark">
          <p><a href="#">Link 1</a> | <a href="#">Link 2</a> | <a href="#">Link 3</a><br/><br/>Copyright © 2009 Your Blog</p>
      <div class="clearer"></div>
      <!-- wrap close -->
      <!-- bgwrapper close -->
      only change what I have bolded!

      good luck with your site!
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        Thanks for the suggestion but it is not in that file. I edit wordpress files a lot each day so this is the first place I looked also.

        I can not beleive I can not find this code.

        Can anyone help??
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    Go into Appearance/FlexSqueeze Theme Options/SqueezePage and delete the links there where it says: Squeeze page footer links:

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      Thank you John youa re a god. Since I don't normally use this theme I never would have looked there.

      Thanks again
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    Most any changes that you need to make can be found somewhere in that area. It is really quite flexible (I guess that's why he calls it FlexSqueeze!)

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