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I am looking to launch a single selling platform for various sellers in a niche market.
Buyers will visit the website to compare product features and prices and write reviews.
Buyers will typically visit the seller's website to purchase their products
Are you able to help me with recommendations for any company you may have used in a similar business as described above? I am looking to put together info for a business plan.
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    To start your own price comparison web site, you need to complete the following steps

    1; Purchase good domain name
    2; Purchase good VPS/Cloud Server or Shared hosting account
    3: Signup for different Affiliates accounts as per your niche
    4: Hire developer or purchase web site template for price comparison
    5: Promote website using Google adwords and social media

    May I know, whats ur niche for price comparison web sites?
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    This plan may also help you:
    1. Buy all the required stuffs like Domain Name, Hosting, Templates etc..
    2. Hire Developers or search for some Web Developing Companies who will do it for you.
    3. Hire some SEO or Web Marketing Expert to promote your site
    4. Track your Progress and Conversions

    Point to be remember:
    1. There are may be many software but no software can create the Best Price Comparison until you create one for yourself.
    2. As this type of website crawl for data, maintaining data accuracy is tricky.
    3. Mainly a Price Comparison site is depends on How you crawl Data? How you organized data? How frequent you update product data and price?
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