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I am new to warrior forum and also new to internet marketing and have been learning to create pages in and using bluehost to host my sites. This is proving hard for me being a non techie guy but I am learning slowly but surely.

I was hoping to get some help and advice as i am looking to create a squeeze page and dont quite know how to go about it.

Can anyone give me some guides and possible ways to go about this.. bear in mind my html knowledge is limited.

many thanks
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    Hi bizzboxmedia
    You can go to and download the software for free. I have not tried this particular one, but for free it's worth a look.

    Here's to your success
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      Thanks for the link locpic63 but it appears that i can only create pages using his downloadable products and not actually my own report or product.

      Thanks for the link anyway it was worth the look.

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    I use wordpress on a bunch of blogs I own, but for a squeeze page I would just go down to simple html & host it in another (non WP) folder on your site.

    You will not want all the nav bars & other links on your squeeze page, they will be a distraction to converting, keep the page as focused on conversion as possible and it will do best.

    Go find some model squeeze pages, and just view source and copy it. Then dump it in your html editor of choice and start replacing images with your own, and copy with your own, and you will have a good head start to building your own squeeze page.

    If you were not thinking about it already, be sure to look for squeeze pages with videos that auto-play on load, they are performing really well and the pages are totally simple, all above the fold (no scrolling), and they are really just...

    a video that auto plays,
    a good headline,
    maybe a sub headline,
    some bullet points under the video,
    and finally the 1 or 2 field form you want them to convert through.

    Very simple squeeze page to recreate, your video will take longer to make than the page!

    Good luck, and be sure to show us what you come up with, I have read hundreds of pages here lately, and just signed up myself. Lots of people with experience here can help critique your page once you are done, take advantage of it.
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      Thanks jammer_jaminski

      I have started on something and need to get something that will record video for me. Can the video just be a video like a slide presentation or is best to have someone actually speaking on it?

      I was originally thinking of just having some bullet points with a title header, sign up section and image of free report cover.

      once i have created the page and have the source and saved it a html do i then just upload it my host in a seperate file to my wordpress site?

      If so how do i link the squeeze page to my main site?

      Thanka again for your help on this.
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        "I have started on something and need to get something that will record video for me. Can the video just be a video like a slide presentation or is best to have someone actually speaking on it?"

        Try using Camstudio or Wink to create your video. Use PowerPoint to do your slide show while you speak into your mike.

        That should work, then buy Camtasia when start making some big cash.
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    for video, you can use camtasia to record and produce it as .swf file. or you can upload your video to youtube, and grab the link, embed it to your squeeze page.
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    Before you start making a squeezepage what is it that you're going to use as a hook for the visitor?

    If you have a crap hook then no matter how good the squeezepage is then you won't get the results that you want.

    In terms of the actual design, the simpler the better. A strong headline, picture or video explaining the "hook", and the opt-in box visable above the fold (no scrolling) should give you something that you can start testing against.

    Hope this helps, and once the page is online add it to your forum profiles so that you start getting some traffic.
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    I offer a free Squeeze page over at my site if you are interested...(?)

    Best regards
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