Need Some Feedback On My Website that Offers Lead Tracking Marketing and Sales Automation Service...

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Hi Guys,
I just launched a lead tracking, marketing and sales automaton platform called

Could you please give me some feedback on the website as well as the service? I have attached some of the features below but please check out the site as well as I would like to get feedback on that as well.

Really appreciate your feedback (good and bad)...


Summary of Features:

-Find out the real user behind all your traffic sources for lead qualification, optimization, and revenue reporting

-Google AdWords API Connector lets you find out the campaign, adgroup, and keyword/URL for each user that comes from Google AdWords search or Google AdWords Display/Re-Marketing.

-Track the specific browsing behaviors of your leads before and after the inquiry as well as the lead inquiry page.

-Know when your leads are live on any page of your website and be notified when they open specific pages (e.g., Pricing page).

-Set up lead scoring.

-Know the geolocation (country, region, and city) and organization of the lead.

-Import/export leads from the platform and manage leads efficiently.

-Track and manage the ROI of leads from offline activities (e.g., newspaper, magazine, radio ads, trade shows, etc.).

-Monitoring/update leads from initial contact to sale. Update the status of your leads so that your team can track their progress in the dashboard.

-Update the lead and awarded amount (for projects that you close). Run performance reports such as "leads by traffic source" and "revenue by traffic source" to get a comprehensive view of your performance.

-Set up access for your sales reps (read-only, user, or admin levels). Assign leads manually or automatically (using a round robin system). Free up to 5 users.

-Run performance reports of your sales reps to track their performance and see the performance of specific sources.
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