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Hi guys could you please give some feedback for our new design

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    I like your site. Pretty simple but i like it. I love the animation...
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  • After checking your website, I have noticed below points:

    1. Your website is not fully responsive.
    2. Image has been used for "Tell me more about advise" bottom arrow. It is working but not sending on next section. Sometime visitor will go back from here so bounce back rate can be increased.
    3. Website should have a footer section that proves its authenticity.
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  • You might want to add few attractive elements to lower your website's bounce rate in future. Rest all looks fine.
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    Pretty simple, pretty good.
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    Hi there, its such a cute website, good job,but the purpose for which the site is being made should be more solid and the website should also be solid too meaning good in functionality. The best type of websites you can get would be thru the freelancer and up work just sign up on it and get the guys to do your work at economical rates suiting you. Thanks.
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    It is a nicely designed website.
    However, I guess you can add more info about it.
    I don't really know what is the purpose of the website when I landed there.

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    Marketing, at its core, is about getting a yes or no decision from a prospect.

    The goal of a marketing website is to capture interest quickly, and get the prospect to that point of decision quickly.

    Your site does both quite well. Even though I am not interested in a Facebook product, the cuteness, wording, and execution put me within a hairsbreadth of clicking, which I did, but I did not click through all the way. But that is because I am a difficult prospect. So yes, the site is simple and quite effective as a landing page, if all you are after is the decision.

    Here is my advice, not as a developer, but as a marketer.

    1. Make a 2nd version of the site, slightly different. You can use any of the suggestions others made above to the 2nd site if you like, but keep the first site exactly as it is.

    2. Break up your traffic using an A/B test. One source of traffic sends visitors to site A. The second source sends them to site B.

    3. Measure the results. Keep the one that works.

    4. Make a new site, which is a copy of the winner, and TWEAK it. Tweak the wording, or tweak the button placement. Tweak your value proposition. Whatever, but make one tweak, and one tweak only, at a time. If there is a measurable difference in click through (doesn't matter if its good or bad) you want to know what it was that caused it.

    5. Repeat step 2, 3, and 4 for the rest of your life. Always be testing. Always. Your site is ready right now. It doesn't need anything else, EXCEPT, a counterpart to test it against.

    That's the difference between successful marketers, and failed marketers. Successful marketers measure the data, tweak everything, and are never satisfied with a singular result. Just my two cents.
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    1) It is not responsive. You are making it hard for 50% of internet users to read your website.
    2) I did not understand what the website is about. Yeah, you are going to help me use Facebook Ads the right way, but how?
    3) For some reason the design look too cluttered.
    4) There is ZERO believably. I recommend you read the book "The Irresistible Offer" to know more about how to put testimonials, touchstone, CTA .etc inorder to make the website tons better.

    Thats it.
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    I can't seem to get an option to sign up without facebook? People might just like to sign up with email as opposed to FB

    There is also that very small minority that doesn't have FB
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    Not a bad site at all. It's a pretty simple design which I like.

    Love that logo. That cheese on toast has me drooling.

    But yeah a responsive design would be a good thing.

    There's a lot of mobile traffic out there now.

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    Nice site...but need to boost up speed and add some element for attractive visitor.

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    Pretty simple, but i think it need boost up speed
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