re-launched my site using a different theme but need to redirect URLS

by toivo
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I recently rebuilt my site and turned it into a store. The domain is exactly the same and basically it was cloned. However, after re-launching it, I realized I needed to make alot of 301 Redirects. How can I find my original URL for clearifying my redirects better? Will this affect my various page's SEO and their page rankings? I mean, not redirecting the URLs immediately?
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    I mean to say, find my original URLs in the old site? Are they archived online?
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    Hello Toivo

    Try to check your site here I hope this helps.
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    Are u using WordPress?

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      yes Peter, I am using WP. BTW, in the meantime, when my old archived pages drift off does this mean I lose the initial seo i have built for those pages? Some were showing up on the first pages, cached high up like almost the first or second result for specific keyword search terms.....
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    Yes, I tried that link and it was a site I completely forgot about! This worked for me, so I do appreciate it. My next question then, remains with not assigning Redirect 301 URLs when I relaunched the site.....will this cause my cached URLs from old site to go down in their SEO value? Will it hurt my page rank? I realize after messing with web editing for the last 15 years almost, that page rank shouldn't be a concern, but am curious. Thank you for the info on the WBM!!
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    You should take a backup of your old website. A backup of old XML sitemap is also a good option. Collect all the all the old urls from Google by using It will give you a list of indexed urls. 301 redirect these urls to new urls.

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    We are upgrading to a new website. Problem we are facing is in the migration process of it as we want all the old links to be connected to the data that will be migrated to the new site. Is there any way to do so?

    P.S. We need solutions apart from 301 & 302 as we have links in excess of 400,000.
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    You can search for your domain on Google to get a list of all URLs:


    Then use a redirect plugin such as to redirect them.
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    you can use .htaccess to redirect your urls.
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