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I recently set up a white label product. It is a free website builder. The site is called . I am not a good website designer and I need your opinions on the design. I am getting a high bounce rate of 70% + on google analytics. In other words, 70% of my visitors leave my website right away after landing on my home page. I need some suggestions to convert more visitors. After all it is a free product so it should convert more in my opinion. Please give me suggestions to help me improve my sites design.

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    Thank you for your site here. I look this right now. Looks like you have done an excellent work. Carry on!
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    The sky blue color is good but overall, it's too bright. I think you also need something more dazzling, perhaps an animation or video above the fold. Since it's a product, you have to put in extra effort to grab the audience attention. Give them a reason to download your product.

    There's also way too much "white space". I think if you can fix up those "design" issues, it will look better for your business
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    The site looks​ well. The design of this site is simple and standard. Carry on. Wish you best luck.
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  • Login page is not professional. I cannot understand that login section is coming as pop up or not. Page for login is so different than the website theme. Rest is nice. Carry on!
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    A 70% bounce rate for a new site is actually not that high.

    IDK about "Free Website Builder" as the title (visible in the browser tab) a first time visitor not knowing what to expect, my immediate thought was, "Oh, this was made with Wix or something."

    Something needs to indicate that you should scroll down below the fold.

    The features listed below the fold ("Cloud Based" etc.) are in too-small text.

    Overall I think the design is fine, though these parallax-style sites never performed well for me personally. IMO they look good, but don't do their job. Maybe you will have a different experience.

    I think you should have a stronger sign-up call to action: maybe a bright button or something.

    Honestly, I'm still wondering what the catch is.
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    Nice website. I think your site is lacking of call to action button like 'Create Free Account' on your menu. Then change your parallax design to responsive design.
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    your theme setup not completed, please see your theme documentation then work step by step
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    Thanks guys my bounce rate is now at 30%
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    I really enjoyed see your design, I mean you’re a great web designer. Our Website Design can not do so beautiful.
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    Your site really looks amazing.

    Good choice of color I must say.

    Keep it up. Keep it classy.
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