Payment gateway for indians to sell services worldwide

by Linens
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I am selling services on freelancing sites like fiverr etc
Now i am planning to sell services on my site as well but the problem is payment integration.

I am in India and want the way to receive payments from clients worldwide on my worldpress site Home - 26Link

I do not want to use paypal as i am already using it for selling my physical goods and do not want issues selling tangible products and intangible products together.

I also have payoneer but need some gateway like 2checkout to get payments through payoneer. I applied for 2checkout but they ask for corporate documents whereas i am individual freelancer (no registered company)

Any indian here, who can help me setup payment gateway so that i can start selling services on my site.

I also had one more idea - can i use my cousin's paypal account on my site? domain name is registered on my name and paypal will be on his name. Does paypal check such things? or is it fine?

More ideas / options please. Its really urgent and i need a way to start getting payments.

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