Is it a type of getting organic traffic from forum? Best part is in Warriorforum

by davntt
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When I first got started, I post this website on facebook and Facebook tracked it as a dangerous site. If anyone wants to visit my site, he will receive a caution.
After I put content in it (almost a week a go), I realize that facebook remove that step and I feel so happy.
You can visit my website here: The 4% - WORK FROM HOME - Realistically Earn PASSIVE & RESIDUAL Income. In the home page, you can see there is a blank space which I do not know how to remove it. If anyone knows, please tell me how I can fix it.

After writing this question, I realize that this is also a way to get traffic to website, right. But be polite, I do not mean anything. I am asking for help.

Thank you everyone for your response.
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