Why do so many people think my site looks like a scam.

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I make a living from my site but I get quite a few emails from people checking it's not a scam. The site is basic, but I'm not sure what makes people suspicious. I must be losing potential customers who just take a look and don't bother to check.

Any feedback would be great.

site: www.prospanish.co.uk
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    Is it a Salepage or Blog ? Looks like a Blog Format but all you have is a Promotion. Am I missing something ??

    Wth this Blog format most people provide Content and then they might have a Link to more of a Sales Page that would have this product to promote

    Maybe that is the reason
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    I think a good thing would be to add about me page, where you introduce yourself. You can show yourself as teacher of Spanish and that you have created the course, bla, bla, bla ... Hope that will help.
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    Like discrat, I think you need more of an explanation for what people can expect from the course. Sure, they can click a demo, but the site just seems rather barren without much more content, pictures, and benefits.

    You list bullet points but those are just features. Explain why those are important, how they are better than the typical language learning programs.Show 20-30 second clips for each feature/benefit discussed that gives an example of it.
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    Ok, that's sound advice and I'll follow it. I avoided putting too much content on before because I thought it was a distraction from getting on and buying it. Most people get to the page from youtube and already like the style. But I suppose, even if they don't need more info, the lack of it makes it look a bit make-shift and perhaps a bit scammy. Thanks again.
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    Step #1: Change your WordPress Theme
    Step #2: Moderate those comments and make them organized
    Step #3: Add Images/Videos
    Step #4: Get a Logo

    Follow these steps and your website won't look as a scam anymore.
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    This site's template is commonly used for mp3 downloading style sites, not for ones professionals use. That's why it looks like a spam site. If you interested in a redesign contact me in a private message.
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    It's better to change your theme to be the salespage one
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    At first, yes, your site looks like a scam website. It is pretty bland if you ask me. You need to get a professional graphic artist to help you design your website. You also need to think of a good logo, also, of course with the help of a good graphic artist.
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  • 1.Your theme does not look professional to me. Can you change this and see the result?
    2. Please add logo.
    3. Put social media icons so your target audience can visit there and do like/share. It will help to drive more traffic on your site as well.
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    As a writer/editor, the first thing that sticks out is numerous errors in your content. Anything to do with language, regardless of what it is, shouldn't have poor examples of spelling, etc.
    The others have given you extra feedback to action.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Is it a Salepage or Blog ? Looks like a Blog Format but all you have is a Promotion. Am I missing something ??

    Wth this Blog format most people provide Content and then they might have a Link to more of a Sales Page that would have this product to promote

    Maybe that is the reason
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    The first thing I see after entering is:


    That's why.

    You have some free things there, you should be highlighting all the free content so people can have it and learn from it, then you can promote to them, but your site now looks like someone who only wants to make money, not helping or providing value.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      That's a great theme. If you're selling chili peppers.
      lol.. yeah you are right.
      You need to redesign your site. Proof read your content and highlight your free stuff so that the visitor know clearly what they have to purchase.
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    Another reason that stands out to me, without even going to the site, is that you posted this on 7/20, the post has received good feedback with sound advice, yet you have not responded back to interact with anyone.
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    Simple, redesign your site. It looks like something from the 90's
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    Yeah i would agree with others by changing your wordpress theme, it looks to much like a op-in page.
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    Hey! I have gone through your website design. I do think that this website do look like a blog. But for you the best option will be to purchase a new theme. There is a lot of space which can be used with useful and informative stuff. You may contact a developer if you have any query.
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    Honestly, I see why they think that (as laymen/women) because frankly your site looks like it was put together in 2 seconds and the "testimonials" with no picture and very generic feedback read as fake...honestly the impression I get is (no offense) lazy...Not trying to be mean, but your site looks like the butt ugliest most basic Tripod template from 1996 that you did absolutely nothing with after adding payment buttons and almost nothing before that...that's exactly what it looks like...even the choice in color scheme is disgusting (even for then)...seriously you need to revamp your site, make it interesting - you say you make your living from it, if you invested like even a day or two of your time (you could probably get away with doing it for free, the revamp if you DIY it honestly) your income would probably increase by a LOT
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    The design does that impression. You need something more modern
    Need to edit your website or to create a new one? Contact me.
    WebDesign and WebDevelopement - Portfolio

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