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In my GA stats, I have the following avg site load speed data (sec):

1. Internet Explorer 1.72
2. Safar 5.29
3. Chrome 7.79
4. Android Browser 9.26
5. Opera 16.98

Is it bad? What I noticed is that each days number vary significantly, both rise and drop.

I have a wp blog. Super Cache Plugin is on. What else can I do to speed up it? There are no autoload videos, no many scripts loads (just getsocial, some fb script, images all optimized). Where can i check which part of content uses most resources?

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    "Is it bad?"
    Yeah, could always be better. ;-)

    Here's a helpful tool that can help inform and guide you with this:

    - James

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    Your speeds should be consistent. If your speeds rise and drop daily, I can assume that you're on shared hosting. Is that correct?

    Most shared hosting servers will throttle speed based on the load of the server. If you want something faster and more consistent, then you should look into getting a VPS
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    Loading speed of a site depends on many things. Like videos, images, coding and most importantly hosting.
    If you don't have any videos, try to optimize the images. It will help. If the problem still remains then try to change the hosting or hosting plans as shared hosting is always slow.
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    Please post the link to your website here for me to make an evaluation with my tools and to give you the best possible recommendation. My websites usually load in less than a second.
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