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I was clicking around online earlier and started looking at top money making websites. Of course it was amazon, google, Facebook etc. But I was trying to get an idea on the "type" of websites that bring in decent money.

But now I'm just curious. How do sites like Facebook and Google make so much money when its free? I can understand sites like Amazon and Ebay making so much.

Then I got reading another article about how most webmaster and websites barreling make any, which I know that. So now I'm wondering, what kind of sites do people have that allows them to make decent money, like quit your day job money lol. I always think of affiliated websites, or a site that sells something.
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    Hi Digger14. Google makes there money many ways but there best source is through Google Adword. Google Adword is a place where advertises pay them to post ads for publishers to make money from. For example, all the ads you see on YouTube the top search results on Google, there all paid ads. Google gets a percentage and so does the publishers. If you are wanting to place ads on your site to make money then Google has an area for publishers to make money from such as Google Adsense. Its free for the publisher to user. That's a great source to make money from but it can take some time as then you will need to concentrate on bringing traffic to your website. Google pays out on an average $2 every 10,000 visitors and even more per click. These are called CPA or CPC. With Facebook they have there own advertising system where they place there own ads from advertisers who have paid them. I hope this has helped.
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    See google services are not just limited to search engine or map, it provide various services like advertisement on mobile apps, websites, pay per click and many more.
    People invests more money on such things- and various time you should have seen corner ads on a random word search.
    Today various business are promoted on Google.
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      I've been wanting to create a website for a while now but I've had a hard time focusing on what type or niche I wanted to go with. I think k I have it narrowed down. Now and was going to start. I know it's going to take some time and be a huge learning process for me which I don't mind, but at the same time I want it to be fairly profitable. I thought about something like this. It won't be the same niche but kind of the same idea. As far as sales ads, forum and etc. But a little more organized, to me this site gets kind of overwhelming for me. www.barrelhorseworld.com

      Would a site like this be pretty profitable and worth the time or would you pursue a different route if it were you?
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