I need web design leads. Been paying $300/mo and Need Advice

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Hey. I have a web design company that I have been running for a few years and Im looking to expand it. I have been paying Host Gator $300 a month to rank 5 keywords for me and they have not ranked them for me yet. Its been 4 months. I hope I didnt just waste my money. I need someone who understands the way the web works to give me some guidance. I spent alot of money. I need return.
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    Hi Sasha, Have you tried Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? I think they give better results for a minimal ad investment.
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    Instead of wasting your money on google rankings that have no guarantees, why don't you invest in google adwords instead?
    Rank the same keywords using adwords and I bet you will get a client or two. Make sure your rates comply with the fact that you are ALREADY paying to get client's attention. (i.e shoot up your rates a bit).
    Also, try facebook ads. Re-target people who visit you website using facebook pixels.


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      Originally Posted by Junaid khawaja View Post

      Instead of wasting your money on google rankings that have no guarantees, why don't you invest in google adwords instead?

      They're both literally the exact same traffic source.

      Spending money on Adwords isn't a guarantee for converting traffic into sales. I always laugh when people act like all they have to do is spend money on Adwords like there's no learning curve.
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    If they can't rank then there is no need paying them anymore.

    That amount of money you have wasted on hostgator would have gone a long way in providing you leads from PPC, YouTube and Facebook ads.
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    You've been paying HostGator $300/Mo for SEO and to rank keywords? Why?

    They're a hosting company, just use them for hosting.

    A lot of hosting companies try to tack on additional services or "gimmicks" like website builders, SEO, design services, etc... to make more money, but they almost always suck.

    If you want SEO, hire an SEO company. The absolute last place I'd look for that work is a hosting company.
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    $300 per month for SEO is quite an expense. You can do it by yourself. Biuld your audience first and trust iny ouronline presense. Use social media for your videos, pictures, posting new events and promotions or even hold a contest.
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