Altering WP THeme, help please.

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I got this theme 'Allure' off a disk in a magazine. Problem is, it has 'Allure Theme' written right across the top. THis theme would be perfect for my sites but I can't do with that on the top and I'm sure there must be a way to change it. I've looked through all the options, editors and searched on the interwebs and come up with nothing.

You only get support if you've bought the theme it says in the magazine so I can't get into the support section of the site it originated from.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, Katinkia. There's a pretty good chance that the answer I gave to someone else in a similar situation is the answer for you as well, except that the file name will be different.

    If you find that doesn't help, then please post a link to where you've installed the theme (if you have it on a website) and someone can take a look.

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    THat was helpfull thanks.. BUT, when I found the logo file it was a .pnd So whatever programme that's for, I don't have it. I tried deleting it and uploading a changed zip file but... WP didn't like that much and I don't think that will solve the problem really. I think I need to be able to change that image file.
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    Thanks I got it. I converted the files I wanted to change to jpegs, changed them in photoshop. Changed back to png. Created new zip file and installed new theme (take off the old one first if anyone else trying to do this) it worked a treat but I'm going to tweak and play more with it tomorow now I know how. Allure is an awesome theme.

    THanks guys.. xx
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    wow that is allot of steps to simply change a png formatted logo.

    for future reference,

    First, this process works best and it is assumed you have full ftp access to the WP themes folder.

    Open and upload the Allure theme, install in WP. make it your active default theme.

    Make a note of the Directory name for the allure theme in your ftp program. and the location to which images are stored. Usually under: themes/themename/images.

    Open png image/logo in photoshop. create a new layer in the layer manager. Add or edit your logo/image elements here and on additional layers as needed.

    Once your done, make the original layer invisible (by clicking the little eyeball in the layer manager for that images layer)

    Save this file out as a png ensuring you have a transparent background.

    Open ftp program, navigate to the allure themes directory and into its images folder. Upload logo/image.

    There should be no need to repack and reinstall a theme over and over again to change one or more images no matter what the format of the image. Installing the theme once and simply re-uploading the images as you change them and are happy is way easier. and faster.

    if you have any questions about the process i explained feel free to ask via PM or here in this thread.
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    Thanks I did that but without making the layers transparent. I'm not that good in photoshop but it seems to have worked and was much quicker. I just did a rectangle over the original text..filled it in in the same colour and wrote over it and uploaded it back up via filezilla.. all looks well thanks.
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