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How do you know if your landing page is effective after create it
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    1: First, you should use the professional saas such as Leadspage service to create landing page rather than your own html code.

    2: with a saas service making landing page, the tracking and analysis is not a question any more.

    Originally Posted by David Oriol View Post

    How do you know if your landing page is effective after create it

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      Originally Posted by mengwarri View Post

      1: First, you should use the professional saas such as Leadspage service to create landing page rather than your own html code.

      2: with a saas service making landing page, the tracking and analysis is not a question any more.
      No, you don't need any of this, you can get beautiful squeeze templates on fiverr and you can edit them EASILY with NVU:

      plus, you can use your own tracking..

      -Ike Paz
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    Hey there

    Well, you need to track the opt-in rate and sign up rate?

    In a platform like lead pages you can do this! It will show the opt in%

    You should aim for as high as you can but if you start low then optimize it?


    your landing page is shown 100 times and 25 people opt in...your

    opt in % is 25%!
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    Like previously stated track how many visitors you have vs. How many sign ups you actually get.

    It's very simple to set up Google analytics to track your Web traffic it's free and there areally tons of YouTube tutorials on how to use it and set it up

    And you can hire somebody on a website to design a very captivating lead page for as little as $50- $100

    Hope this helps
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    I agree, Leadpages shows you immediately how your squeeze page is converting.

    And it also provides easy AB testing.

    But if you don't want to go that route, use tracking software like Clickmagic. Here you can track all the way through to sales pages and download pages, so you can see your EPC too.
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    It's all about A/B testing

    Test different variations of your sales page until you see the one that has the highest CTR and of course conversions.
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    im using clickfunnels currently. not bad but quite pricey
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    instapage is best software for checking landing page perfect or not . they have simple step which help you to get perfect landing page
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    @DavidOriol - The only way you will know is if you test conversions yourself by driving traffic to it. Split test the landing page. Rinse/Repeat.
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    With tracking of course

    Leadpages is a great platform that tells you how many visitors you had and of them how many opt ins were made.
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    To make your landing page effective the key is to make it appropriate and catchy for the target audience. If it serves the purpose the user will scroll through the page and skim, if not then it won't be able to engage the audience. As the skimming time of a single user is just a few seconds before he/she browses to anther web address. Don't be redundant and make sure to throw some visualizations in the way also make your web layout interesting and not one of those boring ones, because they'll be of no use.
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    Best thing you can do is make multiple landingpages then just send targeted traffic to them and see the one converts the best stick with that.
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    You want to use tracking software. Stuff like prosper202, voluum, google analytics, etc. There is a tracking software for every kind of market / testing situation you are in.

    If you want to take it a step further and extract as much possible data as possible, look into getting stuff like...

    Crazyegg, which will track where your customers click and give you a heatmap of where people click on your website...

    If you want to go all out, get something like clicktale. It will actually record what visitors are doing on your website through their eyes. If you have a long sales page and you want to know why customers aren't buying... you can install clicktale and see if there is a certain area people stop reading your sales pitch. Then you can go back and fix the problem.

    There are a lot of solutions out there. Whatever you do, don't start testing until you have something installed to track your data, otherwise you are just throwing money away.
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    I personally use google analytics + my own custom traffic tracker and a special tag for leads tracking.

    Then I compare the two to get a clean number of visits for certain campaign, and finally compare this number with the number of opt-ins/sales.

    % effectiveness = (opt-ins / campaign traffic) * 100
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    You should use "Landing Page Analyzer". Here is the link:
    You can also use analytics to measure the performance of your landing page. Here is the best article for this purpose.
    Using Analytics to Measure Your Landing Page Performance
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    To track performance of your landing page,
    you need to track the conversions against
    the the traffic you have received.

    Let's say after getting some traffic, your
    conversion rate is 45%. Now you can
    do A/B split testing in order to increase
    that conversion number

    Dawood Khan
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    I came across this in my wf travels today. Thought it was awesome. Try it out it really is what you are looking for.
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    Landing page is not effective by just start implementation. It become effective by making call to actions and predefined structure and url structure.
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    When I create a landing page I make sure the right keywords and emphasized, the copy is a perfect sales copy and proper conclusion to get the buyer to do the next step. A headline that can make it or break to so get it right.

    (Bonus element) Urgency/Emergency/Offer Ending Soon – Though it’s not needed in EVERY landing page headline, adding a sense of urgency (“act now!”) can add a serious boost to your conversion rate.

    Add video testimonials and graphics to make it look more alluring. A good analytics tools like GA and Gostats to track the results.
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    Here are 7 general best practices of optimizing your landing pages for conversions:

    Make a clear and contrasting call-to-action (CTA) which acts as a specific step in your sales funnel
    Make sure you have a USP or Value Proposition that's easy to see
    Have a benefit list instead of features (what are your consumers getting out of your product/service?)
    Use landing page design techniques such as the utilization of white space, encapsulation, etc.
    Have a trust factor - such as a customer testimonial, an award your business has received, phone number, etc.
    Keep your landing pages simple & uncluttered
    Make sure to A/B test different versions of these best practices frequently

    A good analytics program like GA or gostats to create funnels and goals and track the progress and make changes where necessary
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