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Hey All,
started my photo booth business about 2 months ago now. Business is steady. Now trying to optimize my online conversion process, simplify online booking, etc. before I begin running adwords to it.

currently using launch 27 as a booking form

signed it for it due to ease of use, then found out its missing key features I really needed.

at the current pricing, I don't think it justifies its worth as a booking form.

Im doing separate invoicing currently through paypal (considering switching to invoicely), and Im doing separate signature for the contract and intake form through inkdit

I wanted an all in one solution to do all of this, but it doesnt seem to exist. There's nothing out there that combines an easy to use booking form (responsive designed), plus invoicing, plus contracting, plus the CRUCIAL ability to send a customer a full quote, with all they have to do after is pay.

At least not one that I've found, and Ive spent the last 3 weeks on webex meetings with TONS of booking companies.

so with that being said.
What do you recommend for an online booking form that isn't a simple form fill, that allows payment right within the form, plus a coupon/discount option, is responsive designed, and simple to setup, and use as a customer?
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