How to add dynamic affiliate links to a website

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Here's my idea but getting stuck on how it's done.

looking to hand out links to a capture page where affiliates place their companies id on the end

the capture page will redirect customer to a product page. The links on that page however will be coded to whatever capturepage sent the customer

simply the links on the page will be coded to the referrer

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    Is your site coded in PHP?
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    Hey there!!

    What language is your website coded with?

    The way you are showcasing can be achieved with PHP's GET method.


    - Juan José
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    As TaxMaster says, Wordpress is built on top of PHP.

    It'd be just a matter of writting some custom code to get your dynamic affiliate links working.


    - Juan José.
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      Thanks guys. Is there a plugin of do i need to find a coder for this?
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    Hi again.

    Have a look at this free plugin:

    I have not worked myself with it, but in the description says that it can perform the functionality you are looking for.

    In my personal experience, I prefer working with essential plugins and code myself for custom functionality, due to Wordpress performance and security matters.

    Whichever path you take, just share your story here with us to learn..


    - Juan José
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